2013-14 Ride Season Awards Announced.

The riding awards for the 2013-14 season were presented at the Annual General Meeting on Sat 25th of January, 2015. The award recipients announced are listed by award and then in alphabetical order by surname. Over the next few weeks the names will be added to the individual award categories in the Awards section of the website.


Due to the difficulty of finding accommodation that suits our needs on the proposed routes at that time of year (ie Easter holidays) and the proximity of other major events, in particular the New Zealand GT series and the Big Black Crow 1200, the ACT GT Series has been cancelled this year.

The ACT will still run a 600km event on the Easter weekend, starting and finishing in Canberra. This event will include a night-time start, to simulate the first half of PBP. Details will be provided shortly.

Update 14/1/15: Nominations have now closed for the election of the National Committee.

Documents for AGM:

The National Committee of the Audax Australia Cycling Club Inc. hereby give notice that the Annual General Meeting of the club will be held at 4pm on Saturday 24th of January, 2015 at the Bright Senior Citizens Centre cnr Cobden and Ireland Streets, Bright, Victoria.


The notice sent to member by e-mail is provided in this pdf or word document.


The election for the National Committee will be held at the Annual General Meeting. 

The 2015 calendar is finalised and online as either PDF File or Excel compatible.

For the 2015 season we will not be producing a printed calendar booklet, instead we will be making two versions of the calendar available for download.

The traditional calendar booklet has been produced entirely as a PDF file for download. PDF can be displayed on computers, tablets and handheld devices, is searchable and still preserves the look, feel and formatting of the traditional document. The whole document can be printed, or selectively just sections or pages of interest.

Additionally the data will be provided in a spreadsheet compatible format. This allows for viewing in applications such as Excel or OpenOffice, but is easier for filtering and searching (ie. when is the next 600 prior to the end of qualifying period of PBP).

If you're not on Facebook you may have missed a lot of the photos from PAP. Here's a small selection to wet your appetite for riding in the West.

Riding towards the Stirling Ranges, WA.

Riding towards the Stirling Ranges, WA.

Michael James (L) rode the vollies ride then supported riders such as Hitoshi Yoshida (R).

Michael James (L) rode the vollies ride then supported riders such as Hitoshi Yoshida (R).


So many volunteers made this possible. They had much more fun than the riders.

So many volunteers made this possible. They had much more fun than the riders.

Wilson Toh from Singapore

Wilson Toh thankful to have completed the Perth-Albany-Perth Audax 1229km ride just slightly under the 90 hours time limit!

What had started out as a cycling adventure had turned out to be such a humbling and life-changing experience. I will always hold these memories cycling through beautiful Western Australia dear to my heart. 

Big thanks to Wayne HickmanAlison McLernon, all your wonderful vollies and riders. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity and privilege of cycling with such an amazing group of cyclists and vollies fromPerthAlbanyPerth1200 who exhibit the best qualities of being randonneurs: endurance, selflessness and humility.


Michael Gass takes a moment to capture Andy (?) riding strongly.

Michael Gass takes a moment to capture Andy (?) riding strongly.

Adam White (A.C.T.) with the full set of stamps. Done and dusted.

Adam White (A.C.T.) with the full set of stamps. Done and dusted.

 Craig & Andy with the Stirling Ranges as a backdrop.

 Craig & Andy with the Stirling Ranges as a backdrop.


Rider Stuart Edwards has posted a video of his Perth Albany Perth 2014 experience. Click the image to start the great video from Vimeo.

Perth Albany Perth 2014 by Stuart Edwards

Perth Albany Perth 2014 by Stuart Edwards

Perth Albany Perth 2014 Morning Start by Jan Acuff

Perth Albany Perth 2014 Morning Start by Jan Acuff

The 5th edition of the Perth-Albany-Perth 1200 Grand Randonnée well under way. Over 100 riders commenced the 1229km course, with a few others doing a 1000km and 200km brevets. This article is a place holder for updates through the event.

The Swan River foreshore at South Perth, with its backdrop of the city lights, is the departure point for riders who will head south and over 90 hours visit the best the southwest has to offer: forests, vineyards, farmlands and the magnificent Southern Ocean coast.

Features of the ride include the tall timber forests at Nannup or Pemberton, Albany, a port on King George Sound, the location of Australia's last whaling station and the climb of Mt Clarence for a spectacular sunrise before turning inland and starting the long trip back to Perth. The route back features the spectacular scenery of the Stirling and Porongurup Ranges and passes through wheat farms and sheep grazing country. Clear dark skies and a full moon ensure that the Milky Way is at its brilliant best.

Start: 5am Monday 6th of October, 2014 (Perth time which is GMT+8) 
  8am Monday 6th (Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne)
  7am Monday 6th (Brisbane)
  5am Monday 6th (Singapore)
  6am Monday 6th (Tokyo)
  11pm Sunday 5th (Paris)
  5pm Sunday 5th (New York)
Live Tracking: www.audax.org.au/tracker (Official, better for mobile, lower bandwidth)
  http://perth-albany-perth-2014.followmyspot.com/ (Lots of details, higher bandwidth)
Riders Times: Google Docs Sheet
Twitter: #pap1200


Information from the ride will be updated here periodically.


Day 1: South Perth to Nannup

Colin Farmer, West Australian Audax ancien, sent us on our way, saying: "Barbara and I can't remember anything that has been said at the start of events like this, so here's what we'l do..." adopts a stronger louder and more commanding voice, "  TEN, NINE, EIGHT..." And we were on our way.


From the get go it is obvious that organisationally this is a well oiled and extremely well thought out eventy.  Signage for the rider is great, on the long first run down to Mandurah there were martials and every tricky or potentially hazardous point or crossing.  Once the lead bikes were shoved aside it is claear that some pretty brisk riding ensued at the front of the field.  This is be exemplified by the fact that the first riders got to the major control at Nannup (365 km) before those of us wrestling for the lantern rouge got to Bunbury (207 km).  In the best possible Audax fashion "the rabbits" asserted that they only did it in order to have a really long sleep before tackling the next day's effort.  A group of riders had elected to ride from Nannup through to Pemberton before sleeping, particularly "the Americans".  It is great to see so many overseas participants - from USA, UK, SIngapore, New Zealand and Indonesia (at least).


By the "end" of day 1 the field was spread over many kilomtres and hours. A few people have sadly overshot closing times at the last couple of checkpoints and had to withdraw. Others are soldiering on having had only very short sleeps and we'll all be hoping the best for them as the day unfolds.  A few others have withdrawn for a number of reasons including illness, injuriy and mechanical problems. A number of these riders have had a shower a sleep, maybe a bit of first aid and have been enthusuastically co-opted into the vollies team.


Team Vollies


Events like this can't be run without vollies. A huge and effective cloud of them.






Registration Day Sun 5 Oct

Last night many riders and organisers got together at the Windsor Hotel for drinks and dinner. Organisers consider the large contingent from Seattle so scheduled the registration for 11am to giver them adequate Recovery time. Many tales of audacious endeavours were told, or retold, the hills getting steeper, the pot holes deeper and the kilometres longer.

No pictures from last night, virtue needs to be left intact, so more images from the rides to Freemantle.

Taking in the Beachy, courtesy Wilson Toh FacebookTaking in the Beachy, courtesy Wilson Toh Facebook

Pap Freo carpark Freemantle car park mural courtesy Michael Smith twitter

Upcoming Rides

Sat 31 January
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2015 Calendar Booklet

The 2015 calendar is finalised and online as either PDF File or Excel compatible. This is in additiona to the normal searchable online calendar.





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