Audax Australia Cycling Club is a non-profit national cycling organisation specialising in rides from 50 to 1200 km.

Audax events are not races but are about extending your own boundaries and experiencing great personal achievements. Audax rides enable cyclists of any ability to set and achieve their riding goals. This spirit of achievement is what attracts so many riders to Audax. The time limits required to complete events are generous, so Audax events are within the abilities of a wide variety of cyclists, whether they are from a touring, racing, recreational or commuting background.

Audax events are held in most parts of Australia, and you will be made very welcome when participating in rides in your own or other Regions. Rides are open to all reasonably fit riders – and non-Audax members are most welcome to join our friendly and supportive participants.

The word Audax comes from the Latin for bold or courageous. In 1897 a group of Italian cyclists rode 200 km between sunrise and sunset, and became known as “les Audacieux”. The most famous Audax ride of the current era is the Paris-Brest-Paris, a 1200km event with a 90 hour time limit which attracts in excess of 5000 riders from all over the world to France every four years.

The riding awards for the 2013-14 season were presented at the Annual General Meeting on Sat 25th of January, 2015. The award recipients announced are listed by award and then in alphabetical order by surname. 

The 2015 calendar is finalised and online as either PDF File or Excel compatible.

For the 2015 season we will not be producing a printed calendar booklet, instead we will be making two versions of the calendar available for download.

The traditional calendar booklet has been produced entirely as a PDF file for download. PDF can be displayed on computers, tablets and handheld devices, is searchable and still preserves the look, feel and formatting of the traditional document. The whole document can be printed, or selectively just sections or pages of interest.

Additionally the data will be provided in a spreadsheet compatible format. This allows for viewing in applications such as Excel or OpenOffice, but is easier for filtering and searching (ie. when is the next 600 prior to the end of qualifying period of PBP).

If you're not on Facebook you may have missed a lot of the photos from PAP. Here's a small selection to wet your appetite for riding in the West.

Riding towards the Stirling Ranges, WA.

Riding towards the Stirling Ranges, WA.

Rider Stuart Edwards has posted a video of his Perth Albany Perth 2014 experience. Click the image to start the great video from Vimeo.

Perth Albany Perth 2014 by Stuart Edwards

Perth Albany Perth 2014 by Stuart Edwards

Perth Albany Perth 2014 Morning Start by Jan Acuff

Perth Albany Perth 2014 Morning Start by Jan Acuff

Updated 29/09 17:46  Sydney Time.

The 2015 edition of the Perth-Albany-Perth 1200km starts on Monday 6th of October, but on Friday 26th of September two of the P-A-P volunteers setoff to complete the ride. Starting from South Perth at 5am Michael James and Wayne Hickman made very quick progress on their first day. Day two weather report looks like favourable winds, but rain and possibility of hail and thunderstorms. Day three saw less favourable conditions and Nick making a mammoth effort into Albany. Final day underway and the guys face potentially strong cross and head winds for the first 150km. This article will be periodiocally updated with news from their ride.

To find out more about the 1229km Perth-Albany-Perth event check here: PAP 2014 

To follow the riders trackers check here: Live Tracking

Or read more below for pictures and news from the ride.

Times shown below in Perth local time. Items added with newest at the top.

29/09 and done... 

Wayne and Michael finished in 82 hours 32 minutes for 1229km.

Michael celebrates with a beer.Michael celebrates with a beer.

Wayne celebrates with two...

Wayne celebrates with two...

29/09 12:25 1143km Control: Pinjarra

Michael and Wayne are now within 100k of the final checkpoint in South Perth, and having coffee at Pinjarra control. They arrived a few minutes after noon.

Average speed now about 14.4kmh with 79 hours elapsed on their arrival.

There's always time for coffee (L->R Wayne Hickman, Michael James)There's always time for coffee (L->R Wayne Hickman, Michael James)

29/09 8:00am
Michael left the control first at about 5:15am, and Wayne about an hour later at 6:20am. Michael is already within 20km of the next control at Hotham River.

29/09 4:30am Day 4

Lads have all slept in this morning. Michael arrived into Williams at about 22:07 last night, with an average overall speed of 15.5kmh and 65h05m elapsed.

The forecast winds are westerly, and the route is heading NW for the first 150km before it veers north into Perth. 

Monday 29 September

Min 13
Max 21
Few showers.
Chance of any rain: 90%
Rainfall amount: 1 to 3 mm

Perth area

Cloudy. Isolated showers. Winds westerly 15 to 20 km/h tending southwesterly in the late afternoon then becoming light in the evening.

28/09 19:00 1014km Control: Williams

Wayne arrived in Williams at around 19:00 with an average elapsed speed of 16.3km and 62 hours. Wayne took time to upload some photos and comment on the day: "Head winds most of day apart from last 19km in to Williams. Bonus was I got to control dry. In bed now waiting for Michael (must be tired that came out wrong)". Michael has about 23km to reach Williams. Back to the World Championship Road Race.... 

Photos from the bike. Photos from the bike.

Photos from the bike.

Photos from the bike.

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2015 Calendar Booklet

The 2015 calendar is finalised and online as either PDF File or Excel compatible. This is in additiona to the normal searchable online calendar.





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