2018 Gippsland-Monaro Strade Sterrate

Terms and Conditions of Entry

These Terms and Conditions of Entry (“Entry Terms”) are designed to enable the Gippsland-Monaro Strade Sterrate, starting on Saturday 10th of March, 2018 (the “Event”) to run smoothly and safely. By registering to participate in the Event, you (the “Rider”) accept and agree to be bound by these Entry Terms.

Entry Requirements

  1. The Rider must be aged 18 years or older on the day of the event.
  2. Each Rider must enter and pay an entry fee.
  3. Registration is only complete when all requirements are met and full payment has been received.
  4. Riders may enter the event prior to completing any qualifying ride (see 7).
  5. Audax Australia may, in its absolute discretion and without giving reasons for its decision, accept or refuse an application for registration.

Closing date for Entries

  1. Entries close 5 pm Wednesday 1 March, 2018 (AEST) but places are limited and once the limit is reached no further registrations will be accepted.

Qualifying Rides

  1. Riders must complete one of the following
  • a 300km, or longer, Brevet Gravel ride, or a 600km or longer BRM or LRM, since 30 March, 2017
  1. Other qualifying rides may also be accepted at the discretion of the Event Organiser.
  2. A qualifying ride must be completed by 28 February 2018 or the rider will forfeit their place in the event.

Cancellations and Refunds

  1. If the Rider wishes to cancel his/her participation in the Event, the Rider must notify Audax Australia via email to rThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. providing his/her name, address and reason for cancelling.
  2. Written cancellations received before 5pm, 28th of February, 2018 will be refunded their entry fee less an administrative fee of $5.
  3. Where applicable, any financial institutions fees associated with processing of the refund will also be deducted from the amount refunded.
  4. No refunds will be offered for cancellations received after 5pm, 28th of February, 2018 (AEST) unless the entry can be transferred to suitably qualified rider. In this case the cancellation fee(s) outlined above will apply. (There are non-refundable costs associated with accommodation!) 
  5. Pre-ride accommodation will not be refunded for cancellation received after 5th of March, 2018. Post-ride accommodation will not be refunded for cancellations received after 28th of February, 2018.

Mode of Transport

  1. Entrants are to ride any type of cycle that is propelled solely by human effort.
  2. The use of a hitch bike, baby buggy or any other type of passenger carrying apparatus is not permitted.

Private Support Vehicles

  1. The event organiser must be notified of all private support vehicles by 5pm on 28th of Feburary 2018.
  2. Private support vehicles will be able to provide support at designated checkpoints only.
  3. Private support vehicles must obey all instructions given by Audax Australia or any employees or volunteers representing Audax Australia at the event. Failure to do so may result in the Rider being removed from the event and will not receive a registration refund.

Mandatory Equipment

  1. All riders must carry water carrying capacity (bidons, camelbak etc) of at least 2 litres. Riders must carry a rain jacket, thermal top and thermal bottom and a safety/"space" blanket. Riders in the supported category may be required to carry a SPOT tracker provided by the ride organiser, or their own. Riders in the unsupported category must carry a SPOT tracker which the rider must provide.
  2. Mandatory equipment will be checked, along with the lighting check at the start of the ride. Riders without necessary equipment will not be permitted to take part in the event and will not be eligble for a refund.

Acknowledgment and Waiver

  1. The rider acknowledges that the event is conducted on public roads, including gravel roads, which are shared with other vehicles.
  2. The rider admits that as an outdoor sport cycling may involve risks and that he/she participates in the event at his/her own risk.
  3. In consideration of Audax Australia permitting the Rider to enter and participate in the event, the Rider hereby releases and indemnifies Audax Australia, any sponsors of the event and any of their respective representatives from and against all and any claims, law suits, demands, liabilities, loss and damage (including indirect and consequential loss), costs, expenses and, interest, whether pursuant to common law or statute, that the Rider may suffer or incur arising from or connected with the Rider’s participation in the Ride including as a result of the negligence, breach of duty, breach of care or other fault or responsibility of Audax Australia, any sponsors of the event and any of their respective representatives.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

  1. During the Event, the Rider must comply with all traffic and road laws and regulations, all directions issued by Police and all instructions given by Audax Australia or any employees or volunteers representing Audax Australia at the event. Failure to do so may result in the Rider being removed from the event and will not receive a registration refund.
  2. Road law in New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory and Victoria states that front and rear lights must be visible from 200 metres and that reflectors must be visible from 50 metres.

Compliance with Audax Australia Ride Rules and other Club Regulations

  1. Riders must carry their event brevet card at all times during the Event and have it validated at every checkpoint, including the finish.
  2. Audax Australia Ride Rules apply to the Event.
  3. Audax Australia Lighting Rules and Reflective Garment Guidelines apply to all Riders in the Event.
  4. All Riders are required to pass a lighting inspection prior to taking part in the Event. Cycles and equipment must satisfy Audax Australia Lighting Rules.
  5. Failure to have your bike checked or to pass the lighting inspection will result in no brevet card being issued and your participation in the Event cancelled.

Preparation, Training, Health and Safety

  1. The Rider is responsible for ensuring that he/she has adequately and appropriately prepared both physically and mentally for the event. If the Rider has any health issues or doubts prior to the event, he/she should immediately seek appropriate medical advice.
  2. Riders consent to receiving any medical treatment that the Audax Australia or their authorised representatives (including emergency services providers) consider reasonably necessary or desirable during or shortly after the Event.
  3. If you retire from the event we will ensure you are transported to a railway station, bus terminal or town from where you can make arrangements to travel back to Bairnsdale or on to Canberra. In some cases we may be able to transport riders to the overnight control point where they can elect to continue riding to Canberra as a tourist (No brevet will be issued).


  1. Riders are covered by Audax Australia’s club insurance.
  2. Non-members are covered only while participating in the Event.
  3. Riders should consider the purchase of travel insurance.

Meals, Dietary Requirements and Medication

  1. The standard meal type offered for the Event includes meat and dairy products: a vegetarian option is available. Additional options may be available on request.
  2. If these options do not meet your dietary requirements, you must consider alternate ways in which to personally cater for your own meals.
  3. It is solely the Rider's responsibility to carry on you at all times, suitable food and/or medicines which may be necessary to treat any particular medical condition that you suffer from.

Variations to the Route

  1. Audax Australia reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to:
  • change, shorten or otherwise vary the Event route without notice (such change or variation can occur when fire, flood, snow, road damage or other causes hinder access to the proposed route or when forecast extreme weather events make use of the proposed route too dangerous);
  • cancel, postpone, reschedule or change the time or place for the Event for any reason and at any time prior to the commencement of the Event.
  1. Audax Australia is not responsible for or liable to the Entrant for any loss, damage, cost or expense, whether direct, indirect, consequential or otherwise and howsoever or wheresoever incurred by the Entrant resulting from any such action taken by Audax Australia.

Transport of Rider’s belongings

  1. In the event that cycles need to be transported by Audax Australia, it will use its best endeavours to take due care in handling bicycles and or accessories, but is not responsible for any loss, damage, cost or expense that the Rider may suffer or incur as a result of Audax Australia handling his/her bike and or accessories.
  2. Whenever transporting and storing the Rider’s luggage, Audax Australia will use its best endeavours to take due care, but it is not responsible for any loss, damage, cost or expense that the Rider may suffer or incur as a result of Audax Australia handling his/ possessions.


  1. The Rider acknowledges and agrees that he/she may be photographed or filmed during the Event and consents to Audax Australia using the Rider’s picture and likeness contained in any photographs or film for publicising the event and for promoting any future ride or event to be staged by Audax Australia.


  1. Audax Australia complies with the Australian Privacy Principles 1988. Other than passing on information as required or authorised by law, all personal information collected by Audax Australia will be used solely for the purpose of running the Event and inviting people to future Audax Australia events. No personal information is given to any other party for any purpose.


  1. Audax Australia reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to refuse to allow the Rider to participate in the Event or to remove the Rider from the Event for breach of these Terms and Conditions of Entry or if it otherwise determines it appropriate to do so.
  2. Audax Australia is not liable to the Rider for any loss, damage, cost or expense of any kind, including but not limited to, the refund of the entry fee, if the Rider is denied access to or removed from the Event for any reason.
  3. Audax Australia reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions at any time. All registered Riders who have agreed to the Terms and Conditions of Entry prior to these amendments will be notified and will need to agree to the updated terms and conditions.

Event Organiser

  1. ‘Audax Australia’ means Audax Australia Cycling Club Incorporated, an incorporated association registered in Victoria, Registration number A0014462N, ARBN 125 562 307and includes where appropriate Audax Australia Cycling Club employees, agents, contractors, officials and volunteers.