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BP Historical Midlands Tour Ross Bakery

Description: Riders start in the historical town of Ross and travel north to the next historical town on the tour, Campbell Town. From there it's on to Longford, around to Bishopsbourne, and Cressy. Finally riders return to Campbell Town and Ross. A Tasmanian Flat century.


Start/Finish: Ross Bakery

15 Church St, Ross TAS 7209


Control 1: Longford Shops/Cafes, try JJ’s Bakery. 69.6 km

Control 2: Cressy Roadhouse. 98.9 km

164/160 TAS
BP Exeter Double Century Exeter

corner of Frankford Road and West Tarmar Hwy
Exceter, Tasmania 7270


This is a lovely country figure of eight starting, looping, and finishing in Exceter. The first loop goes south past the Westbury bakery (open 24 hours), then heading north back to Exceter and right up past Gorge Town before finally back to Exceter again.


  1. Cluan
  2. Greens Beach, Low Head
  3. Exceter
200/200 TAS
BP Follow the Hollowtree Rd Cornelian Bay

Cornelian Bay sportsground
New Town, Tasmania 7008


This 200 km ride takes in both sides of the River Derwent, following the Hollow Tree Road to the highlands town of Bothwell. 


  1. Bothwell
  2. Hobart
200/200 TAS
BP Hint of Hadspen Hike II Hadspen, IGA

Hadspen IGA
37 Winifred Jane Cresent
Hadspen, Tasmania 7290


Headquartering in Hadspen and heading out over hills and hollows in Northern Tasmania. Just a hint of what to expect on the Hadspen Hike 600K. Elevation: 1,700 metres. 


  1. Shearwater - 83 km
  2. Spreyton - 114
  3. Deloraine - 165 km
  4. Hadspen - 200 km, time limit 13H20
200/200 TAS
BP Le Grand Rouleur 200 As chosen

Any 2 consecutive Le Grand Rouleur 100k rides

200/200 VIC
BP Macquarie Plains Double Century Campbell town

This 210 km ride takes in some of quite farming country side in the Tasmanian midlands. Starting and finishing in Campbell Town there are plenty of shops & public toilet. Going through historic Longlford, and Westbury, there are great bakeries.


  1. Westbury
  2. Campbell Town
200/200 TAS
BP Riverbank Ramble Kingston

This 200 km ride takes you out and back along a very popular cycling route over Bonnet Hill and alongside the bustling Hobart wharves, up the Intercity Cycleway, then along one side of the River Derwent to New Norfolk. Coming back is a challenging climb through Colinsvale then rejoining the same route back to Kingston.


  1. Westerway
  2. New Norfolk
  3. Kingston
200/200 TAS
BP Riverbank Ramble II Rosny


  1. Westerway
  2. Brighton
  3. Hobart
200/200 TAS
BP Waddamana Gravel Grinder Ouse


  1. Bothwell
  2. Miena
  3. Ouse
200/200 TAS
BP Lavers Hill Polka Dot Polka 200 Km Port Campbell

The Alpine of the Otways.  Three major climbs from Port Campbell, Lavers Hill from the west to Beech Forest, then along Turtons Track before rocketing down to the coast at Apollo Bay.  Climbs of Cape Otway and Lavers Hill from the east back to Port Campbell complete the circuit.

201/200 VIC
BP Border Patrol Acton

This ride tries to circumnavigate the ACT with a mix of mountains, urban and grazing land.

201/200 ACT
BP Capital Criss Cross Braddon ACT


201/200 ACT

TRIM THE CAT lll Day 4

201/200 WA
BP Not Really Flat II Cenotaph, Hobart

If anyone can come up with a 200km route in southern Tasmania with less climbing we'd like to hear from you! 

Follow the Intercity Cycleway then onto Main Rd and the Brooker Hwy to Granton then up the Derwent Valley. Keep the River Derwent on your right side all the way to the bridge at Plenty then do a U turn and retrace your tracks back to the roundabout at Granton then turn left onto the Bridgewater Bridge. Carefully follow some backroads to come out at Brighton then turn right onto Andrew Rd which becomes the Tea Tree Road. Briefly turn right onto Colebrook Rd then left onto Fingerpost Road over to the Tasman Hwy. Come off the highway to avoid Sorrel and come back out at Midway Point back onto the Tasman Hwy. Watch out for the cycle path soon after the roundabout to avoid the highway across the causeway. After briefly rejoining the highway turn left to go around the back of Hobart airport to Seven Mile Beach. A few more back roads and you come out onto South Arm Road. Turn left and you eventually get to Oppossum Bay where you do another U-turn and follow South Arm Road all the way back to Bellerive. Watch out for another cycle path to keep you off the highway for a bit. In Bellerive you get onto another cycle path, across Kangaroo Bay and into the Rosny College carpark. Follow some more suburban roads then onto the Tasman Bridge and back to the start.

Checkpoints (sign youself at each point):

  1. Plenty bridge
  2. Brighton
  3. Oppossum Bay
  4. Hobart
201/200 TAS
BP Wattle Valley Two Step Day 1 Hall Village, ACT

Can be ridden as one day or paired with Wattle Valley Two Step day 2.

Hall, Yass, Boorowa, Harden, Cootamundra

201/200 ACT
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