Type Name   Start Description Distance(km)
Locale   State  
BPG Colin Thiele Triangle Ride #1 GG Kapunda

A romp through the rolling hills and dales to the north and west of Kapunda. You will climb (probably on foot for some of it) little Mount Allen, and experience part of the Heysen Trail. Keep an eye out for snakes in summer! Very picturesque in mid-winter and spring, when the canola is glowing yellow!

There are no shops, toilets or water outlets on this route. So be prepared.

64km 576m climbing Audax time: 5hr 7min

64/50 Lower North SA / NT
BPG The Rabbit GG Elizabeth East

The views, the forest tranquillity and the abundant wildlife are worth the challenging huff and puff at the start of the fire tracks on this ride. A touring bike with front shocks and 35mm tyres or a mountain bike would be suitable. (Time; 5hr 22min)    41% dirt,  1005m climbing

67/50 Northern suburbs/Adelaide Hills SA / NT
BPG The Wombat GG Gawler

A waddle through the wheat and a cute little burrow called Rosedale. A bit of a sniff and some grub at Wasleys and Freeling.  56% dirt,  395m climbing.

68/50 Northern Regions SA / NT
BPG Le Gravel Puncheur Mount Pleasant

The Puncheur is the rider that loves the rolling terrain, with short sharp hills to drop the pack, tight turns, changing road surfaces and constantly out the saddle when the mood takes them. Their home is the one day classic. This ride is a Puncheur's course at 96% gravel and a host of pinch climbs. No two days are the same out there and no two riders will tackle it the same way. It probably has every surface within its 67km but its all rideable on a standard bike. If you are looking for a challenge to test yourself, then this is it. 

68/50 Northern Adelaide Hills SA / NT
BPD Beechworth Bobby Dazzler No. 2 Beechworth

Beechworth east to Mt Stanley, back to the Flagstaff and then Beechworth once more

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70/70 Dirt Series VIC
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