General Process Flow

  • Rider
    • Find the permanent you want to do
    • Use the contact information for ride organiser to contact them and agree on a start date and time. This is mandatory. You must speak with the RO before registration. This is important as it makes sure the RO knows someone is riding, and it also allows them to pass on any up to date information about the ride.
    • Register
    • Print out the PDF brevet card which is attached to your registration confirmation email.
    • Fill in the brevet card lighting check fields if required.
    • Complete the ride. Fill out the brevet card as you normally would at each checkpoint.
    • Enter the completion information, ie. place of finish, time of finish and elapsed time of the ride.
    • Photograph or scan the brevet card.
    • Upload the brevet card images
    • If you Do Not Start or Do Not Finish in time contact the RO and let them know.
    • Once processed by the brevet secretary you will receive an email with your brevet number. If you elected to receive a sticker it will be sent later (every 3-6 months).
  • Ride Organiser
    • Receives notification of the image uploads.
    • Use link in the notification e-mail to view the brevet card.
    • Fill in the elapse time and set the status to verified.
    • This then notifies the brevet secretary to homologate.
    • If the rider DNFs or DNS then update their status as appropriate when they notify you.


Can I register today and ride today or tomorrow?

Yes, but only with the approval of the ride organiser. Before you register for any permanent you should first contact the ride organiser. Registrations received with less than a week notice can be cancelled by the ride organiser and the ride won't count, so please contact the ride organiser.

Can I change the date of my ride?

Yes, but you need to talk to the ride organiser. Before the original start date of your ride contact the ride organiser, explain you want to change and request that they flag the ride DNS (did not start) with Refund. You'll receive a refund for your fees and then you can register again on the new date.

Can I cancel the the ride?

Yes, contact the ride organiser before the date of your ride.  Explain you want to cancel and request that they flag the ride DNS (did not start) with Refund. You'll receive a refund for your fees.

I've lost the registration email, how can I upload images or get my brevet card?

Login to the portal at and you will see a list of permanents you are registered for. In the list there are links to obtain a PDF brevet card and to upload images.

Brevet Cards

How do I get a brevet card?

A PDF of the self-print brevet card is attached to your registration email. You can also login to the portal and you will find a list of permanents for which you are registered. In this list there is an option to get the PDF brevet card.

Do I need to mail my brevet card to anyone?

No. Keep your brevet card. Take a photo(s) or scan of the completed brevet card and upload the image(s). The link to upload the images was included in the email you received when you registered. An upload link is also available from once you login.

Can I use a "real" brevet card? 

Yes. Just use the pdf brevet card you received attached to your registration email as a template for the information. Make sure you fill in emergency contact information etc. Once you have completed the ride you will need to scan or photograph both sides of the completed brevet card and upload both images.

Can I get a "real" sticker for my brevet card?

Yes. When you register you have the option of choosing Yes to Send Homologation Sticker. If you are not keeping the brevet cards please do elect to receive them as it saves on admin, volunteer time, paper and postage.

When will I get my sticker?

Stickers are produced in batch on a quarterly or bi-annual basis. You do receive a PDF copy of the brevet sticker and the brevet number via e-mail when processed by the brevet secretary. The brevet numbers are also available in the portal under Rides > My Homologations.