Type Name   Start Description Distance(km)
Locale   State  
BP Around Lake George in a Day Bywong

Start intersection of Hadlow Drive and Shingle Hill Way, Bywong.

103/100 ACT
BP Snowy Epic 100 Khancoban

Mountainous route. 

Alpine areas traversed so take precautions in colder months - ie: don't do it then!

103/100 ACT
BP Loop de Loop Cenotaph, Hobart

Cycle from Hobart up the Cycleway to Bridgewater and Brighton. Then make your way up and over to Richmond and around to Midway Point. Pay a little visit to Seven Mile Beach and then back to Hobart again. 

Start/Finish: McVilly’s Drive, Start of the Cycleway. Elevation: 860 metres. 


  1. Brighton (Bakery or TakeAway, corner of Brighton Rd & Andrew St) – 26 km
  2. Richmond (Richmond Bakery or other shop) – 44 km
  3. Midway Point (Caltex Star Mart Service Station) – 71 km
  4. McVilly’s Drive, Start of the Cycleway - 100 km, time limit 6H40
103/100 TAS

One of the Flatest 100's your ever ride! Clockwise around the Peel Inlet with great views of farmland, scarp, Coast & Ocean. Very nice Costal Path back into Mandurah

103/100 WA
BP Loch Picnic Loch

Scenic, hilly ride on quiet backroads.


103/100 VIC
BP Canberra Ten Peaks Acton Ferry Terminal

A lap of Canberra's nearby peaks.

10 climbs with a total over 1600 metres of climbing.

105/100 ACT
BP Channel Circuit Dru Point Margate

Start Location; Dru Point Margate, Tasmania 7054 Australia



  1. Cygnet
  2. Margate
106/100 TAS
BP Centenary Century #1 Duffy Shops

An Out'n back ride through the Tidbinbillas.

108/100 ACT
BPD Dirt 110 - Centenary Trail Duffy Shops

A somewhat shorter dirt ride on the ACT Centenary Trail.
Distance 110km. Cuts off some of the non dirt parts in Tuggeranong.
Still a challenging ride.

110/100 ACT
BP Cobden Can Can 100 Km Port Campbell

Along the Great Ocean Road from Port Campbell to Peterborough to view the spectacular Bay of Islands coastline, to the Boggy Creek Pub at Curdievale, then up to Timboon and the fabulous bakery at Cobden before returning to Port Campbell.

114/100 VIC

TRIM THE CAT lll Day 6

114/100 WA
BP Petit Ash Dash Parliment Square

Start Location;

Parliament Square
Hobart, Tasmania 7000


  1. Huonville
  2. Cygnet
  3. Hobart
117/100 TAS
BP Bruny Lighthouse Dash Bruny Is Ferry Terminal

Start Location;

ferry terminal
Bruny Island ferry terminal
Lennon Rd
North Bruny, Tasmania 7150


  • Lighthouse: (60km) - opens: 2h, closes: 4h.
  • Alonnah: (84km) - opens: 2h48, closes: 5h36.
  • Ferry: (120km) - opens 4h0, closes: 8h0.
120/100 TAS
BP Something Fishy Omeo

To Bairnsdale with shops at Fish Creek and Ensay.

121/100 VIC


124/100 WA
BPD Centenary Trail Dirt/MTB 125km Duffy Shops

Audax permanent covering the Centenary Trail with a couple of modifications to delete  irrelevant loops and keep the distance reasonable. Total time allowed at 10kmh is 12.5 hours.

Mix of surfaces including single track, fire trails, bike paths and roads.

It's a tough day in the saddle.


125/100 ACT
BP Great Ocean Road 150 Km Anglesea

From Anglesea to Apollo Bay and return along the Great Ocean Road

150/150 VIC
BP Bushy Park 150 Cenotaph, Hobart

Start Location;

Intercity Cycleway
1 McVilly Drive
Hobart, Tasmania 7000

A route for those of us who who like to avoid hills. A mixture of cycle paths, main roads and highways.Take the Intercity Cycle way to Granton, Lyell Highway to New Norfolk, then out to Busy Park. Cross the Derwent at Bushy park return to New Norfolk and past the Norsk Skog paper mill to Granton on the northern side. Rejoin the cycle way to the Cenotaph then a return leg to Taroona and Bonnet Hill. 

150/150 TAS
BP Warrnambool Waltz 150 Km Port Campbell

Along the Great Ocean Road from Port Campbell to Peterborough to view the spectacular Bay of Islands coastline, then to Warrnambool via the whale nursery, a return visit to the Boggy Creek Pub and Timboon rounds out the ride.

152/150 VIC
BP Drouin Flat 150 Drouin Railway Station

Easy, flat, fast circuit, country roads and water views aroud Warneet and Tooradin

153/150 VIC
BP Ring Around Rosegarland Margate

Ring Around Rosegarland – 160 km | 1785 metres elevation



Start/Finish: Margate BP Service Station or Banjos Bakery

1718 Channel Hwy, Margate TAS 7054


Control: New Norfolk at 104.2 km

Any shop or café



Riders will start in Margate and pay a little visit to Kingston Beach before cycling into Hobart and out to New Norfolk. From there they will do a "ring around Rosegarland” and back to New Norfolk.  And then it is simply a return to Hobart, up and over Bonnet Hill, and a quick dash to Margate again.

160/160 TAS

Starting at Deep Water Point you head down to Mandura using the PSP. Refuel then head back along the coast, enjoying the costal views and cool sea breese. Rockingham has lots of cafe's to choice from, pick any your choice. Through the industrail ares of Henderson, you may see a ship being built! before you know it your in Fremantle. Following the river around back to Deep Water Point

160/160 WA
BP Hint of Hadspen Hike III Hadspen IGA

 Start: Hadspen IGA


Finish: Hadspen IGA

37 Winifred Jane Crescent

Hadspen, Tasmania 7290


the third in a set of three permanents that take in most of the Hadspen Hike 600K route in three easily manageable distances. This is a new perm which consists of a tour of the Tamar Valley.



160/150 TAS
BP Nouveau Trois Hadspen IGA

Nouveau Trois – new and improved Nouveau Trois route! This is the route which we will be using for the calendar Nouveau Trois route.

Riders will climb toward Deloraine and beyond before returning on quiet country road to Hadspen.


Distance: 160.8 km

Elevation: 1238 metres

Start: Hadspen IGA

Finish: Hadspen IGA

37 Winifred Jane Crescent

Hadspen, Tasmania 7290


160/160 TAS
BP Hint of Hadspen Hike I Latrobe, Tas

Description: Starting in East Devonport, a stone's throw from the Spirit of Tasmania, and following a portion of the Hadspen Hike 600K route out to Wynyard and back.


Start/Finish: East Devonport Parking Lot/Shop/Café

71 Wright St, East Devonport TAS 7310


Control 1: Wynyard Shops/Cafes. 88.2 km

Control 2: Penguin Shops/Cafes. 123.5 km 

161/160 TAS
BP Nouveau Trois old Hadspen, IGA

IGA, Hadspen
37 Winifred Jane Cresent
Hadspen, Tasmania 7290

A social ride to finish the Audax year, and the third step to the easiest Audax award, the Nouveau Randonneur


161/160 TAS
BP Maydena Century Station St, Moonah

Start/Finish: 23 Station Street, Moonah, Tasmania (Station Street Public Car Park)



82.5 km Maydena – any shop

132.1 km New Norfolk – any shop on High Street



Maydena Century following the Derwent and Styx River valleys

162/150 TAS
BP Historical Midlands Tour Ross Bakery

Description: Riders start in the historical town of Ross and travel north to the next historical town on the tour, Campbell Town. From there it's on to Longford, around to Bishopsbourne, and Cressy. Finally riders return to Campbell Town and Ross. A Tasmanian Flat century.


Start/Finish: Ross Bakery

15 Church St, Ross TAS 7209


Control 1: Longford Shops/Cafes, try JJ’s Bakery. 69.6 km

Control 2: Cressy Roadhouse. 98.9 km

164/160 TAS
BP Exeter Double Century Exeter

corner of Frankford Road and West Tarmar Hwy
Exeter, Tasmania 7270


This is a lovely country figure of eight starting, looping, and finishing in Exeter. The first loop goes south past Westbury, then heading north back to Exeter and right up past Gorge Town before finally back to Exeter again.


  1. Cluan
  2. Greens Beach, Low Head
  3. Exeter
200/200 TAS
BP Follow the Hollowtree Rd Cornelian Bay

Cornelian Bay sportsground
New Town, Tasmania 7008


This 200 km ride takes in both sides of the River Derwent, following the Hollow Tree Road to the highlands town of Bothwell. 


  1. Bothwell
  2. Hobart
200/200 TAS
BP Hint of Hadspen Hike II Hadspen, IGA

Hadspen IGA
37 Winifred Jane Cresent
Hadspen, Tasmania 7290


Headquartering in Hadspen and heading out over hills and hollows in Northern Tasmania. Just a hint of what to expect on the Hadspen Hike 600K. Elevation: 1,700 metres. 


  1. Shearwater - 83 km
  2. Spreyton - 114
  3. Deloraine - 165 km
  4. Hadspen - 200 km, time limit 13H20
200/200 TAS
BP Le Grand Rouleur 200 As chosen

Any 2 consecutive Le Grand Rouleur 100k rides

200/200 VIC
BP Macquarie Plains Double Century Campbell town

This 210 km ride takes in some of quite farming country side in the Tasmanian midlands. Starting and finishing in Campbell Town there are plenty of shops & public toilet. Going through historic Longlford, and Westbury, there are great bakeries.


  1. Westbury
  2. Campbell Town
200/200 TAS
BP Riverbank Ramble Kingston

This 200 km ride takes you out and back along a very popular cycling route over Bonnet Hill and alongside the bustling Hobart wharves, up the Intercity Cycleway, then along one side of the River Derwent to New Norfolk. Coming back is a challenging climb through Colinsvale then rejoining the same route back to Kingston.


  1. Westerway
  2. New Norfolk
  3. Kingston
200/200 TAS
BP Riverbank Ramble II Rosny


  1. Westerway
  2. Brighton
  3. Hobart
200/200 TAS
BP Waddamana Gravel Grinder Ouse


  1. Bothwell
  2. Miena
  3. Ouse
200/200 TAS
BP Lavers Hill Polka Dot Polka 200 Km Port Campbell

The Alpine of the Otways.  Three major climbs from Port Campbell, Lavers Hill from the west to Beech Forest, then along Turtons Track before rocketing down to the coast at Apollo Bay.  Climbs of Cape Otway and Lavers Hill from the east back to Port Campbell complete the circuit.

201/200 VIC
BP Border Patrol Acton

This ride tries to circumnavigate the ACT with a mix of mountains, urban and grazing land.

201/200 ACT
BP Capital Criss Cross Braddon ACT


201/200 ACT

TRIM THE CAT lll Day 4

201/200 WA
BP Not Really Flat II Cenotaph, Hobart

If anyone can come up with a 200km route in southern Tasmania with less climbing we'd like to hear from you! 

Follow the Intercity Cycleway then onto Main Rd and the Brooker Hwy to Granton then up the Derwent Valley. Keep the River Derwent on your right side all the way to the bridge at Plenty then do a U turn and retrace your tracks back to the roundabout at Granton then turn left onto the Bridgewater Bridge. Carefully follow some backroads to come out at Brighton then turn right onto Andrew Rd which becomes the Tea Tree Road. Briefly turn right onto Colebrook Rd then left onto Fingerpost Road over to the Tasman Hwy. Come off the highway to avoid Sorrel and come back out at Midway Point back onto the Tasman Hwy. Watch out for the cycle path soon after the roundabout to avoid the highway across the causeway. After briefly rejoining the highway turn left to go around the back of Hobart airport to Seven Mile Beach. A few more back roads and you come out onto South Arm Road. Turn left and you eventually get to Oppossum Bay where you do another U-turn and follow South Arm Road all the way back to Bellerive. Watch out for another cycle path to keep you off the highway for a bit. In Bellerive you get onto another cycle path, across Kangaroo Bay and into the Rosny College carpark. Follow some more suburban roads then onto the Tasman Bridge and back to the start.

Checkpoints (sign youself at each point):

  1. Plenty bridge
  2. Brighton
  3. Oppossum Bay
  4. Hobart
201/200 TAS
BP Wattle Valley Two Step Day 1 Hall Village, ACT

Can be ridden as one day or paired with Wattle Valley Two Step day 2.

Hall, Yass, Boorowa, Harden, Cootamundra

201/200 ACT
BP Great Ocean Road 200 Km Anglesea

From Anglesea via Deans Marsh to Lorne and Apollo Bay, then back along the Great Ocean Road.

202/200 VIC

TRIM THE CAT lll Day 7

202/200 WA
BP Bluff to Cape Devonport

corner of Steele St & Formby Rd
Devonport, Tasmania 7310



  1. Latrobe
  2. Wynyard
  3. Ulverstone
  4. Devonport
202/200 TAS
BP I'll take the high road Cenotaph, Hobart

Intercity Cycleway
1 McVilly Drive
Hobart, Tasmania 7000


Traveling across the Tasman Bridge to Midway Point to Penna Road, then the A3 to Runymede, then following the C312 all the way to Oatlands. Returning the same way to avoid the traffic, for an all up round trip of 200 km by the time you have added detours for lunch and coffee stops. Apart from Rosny, Midway Point and Oatlands, there are no shops along the way. Water is available at Woodsdale and Parattah.


  1. Woodsdale
  2. Oatlands
  3. Woodsdale
  4. Hobart
202/200 TAS
BP Northern Loop 200 Duffy Shops


203/200 ACT

TRIM THE CAT lll PERTH TO BUNBURY staying as close to the ocean as possible

203/200 WA


203/200 WA
BP Around Another Bay Cowes

A lap of Philip Island and Westernport Bay.

Park at Stony Point, take a ferry, enjoy a tour of scenic Philip Island and then a trip around the bay.

203/200 VIC
BP Lavers Hill Limbo 200 Km Port Campbell

From Port Campbell a climb of Lavers Hill from the west to Beech Forest and return to Port Campbell.  Then along the Great Ocean Road to Peterborough to view the spectacular Bay of Islands coastline to Nullawarre and home via the Boggy Creek Pub at Curdievale.

204/200 VIC

Starting from Deep Water Point down onto the cycle path until Anketell Rd. Its not long before you are on quiet farm roads, warming the legs up for the first of many climbs. The climb up to the old timber town of Jarrahdale has a few downs too. Mostly in wooded areas once the few farms are past at the start of the climb. The road to Albany Hwy is undulating in an upwards direction? Rolling hills soon get you off the Hwy and again your into some very stunning scenic riding roads, & a dam. A very short distance on Brookton Hwy then its right and your into orchard country, with a few hills thrown in to keep you warm. The top of Patterson rd is a welcome point as its now a fast descent be very carefull. Mundaring Weir Rd is cycling heaven, lots of nice views but you may miss the weir if your fast down the hill. Through Parkerville & into the John Forrest National Park, the road is a little rough but the vistas make up for the bumps. Very fast decent down Greenmount Hill, carefull not to miss the turn off! Some quiet roads back through old Guilford Town then on to the cycle path all the way back to the finish, going past the new stadium & having loads of views of the Swan River & Perth City

204/200 WA
BP Triabunna Loop Hobart

A challenging ride from Hobart to the East Coast. Up the cycleway, over the bridge to Brighton before going cross country to the Tasman Highway. Follow the highway to Triabunna and returning on the same route. Shops and facilities are available at Brighton, Buckland, Orford and Triabunna.


  • Buckland
  • Triabunna
  • Hobart
204/200 TAS
BP Variation on a Theme Cornelian Bay

Taking in the historic towns of Richmond, Bothwell, and New Norfolk and including some of the iconic climbs in the area. Elevation: 2,300 metres. 

Checkpoints (any shop will do):

  1. Richmond - 26 km
  2. Bothwell - 108 km
  3. New Norfolk - 171 km
  4. Cornelian Bay - 204 km, time limit 13H20
204/200 TAS
BP Lovely Lada Vale Eaglehawk Servo

From EagleHawk it takes a nice loop through Collector, Gunning, Jerrawa, Lade Vale and Gundaroo.

205/200 ACT

Starting from the Observation Deck which is in the carpark at the end of South Perth Esplanade, you will have great views of our beautiful city. Short ride around South Perth following the river has you soon onto the cycle path. The first control at Mandurah gives you the first views of the estuary. South of Mandurah you will be treated with lots of ocean views before following the estuary around for a short while. We leave the coast line and head into farming country and quiet roads.Yarloop has a general store where you can get a coffee, its one of the few buildings still standing after the bush fires. More dairy farms on very flat roads soon bring you to Forrest Hwy where hopfully your get a tail wind to push you to the turn off at Buffalo Rd. Your get views of Bunbury harbour & the silos as you get closer and closer to your destination. Bunbury has lots of cafes shops accommadation. Stay a day or two then head back to Perth!

205/200 WA
BP Snowy Epic 200 Jindabyne

A very tough Alpine route. 

Don't attempt in winter.

206/200 ACT
BP 2J LOOP Bayswater Train Station

Bayswater train station following back roads to wine region of the Swan Vally. Fast flat run up GNH to Bullsbrook & then the hills start. The outstanding views take your mind away from the climbing, there are down hills also. Julamar Rd is a cyclist dream or nightmare! 2J for lunch & most hills have been done! Bakers Hill pie shop is great for a coffee n cake. Wooroloo general store great refresher before final few uphills to Chidlow. Just a couple more leg warmers before the fast decent down Greenmount Hill to Midland & Cycle path to the finish

207/200 WA
BP Geelong Jive 200 Km Port Campbell

From Port Campbell to Geelong along the Great Ocean Road.  Get that spinnaker out and catch the south westerly home.

208/200 VIC
BP Port Campbell Promenade 200 Km Geelong

Starting in Geelong the ride follows the Great Ocean Road via Torquay, Anglesea, Lorne, Apollo Bay, Lavers Hill to Port Campbell.

208/200 VIC
BP Great Southern Lands 200 Southlands Mawson


209/200 ACT
BP Jerrawa XXtra Special Hall Village

The XXtrra version of an old favourite - From Hall head through the ‘burbs out to Uriarra Crossing and Mountain Creek Road on to Yass, then Jerrawa, Dalton, Gunning and back via Gundaroo.

209/200 ACT
BP Otway Towns 200 Km Moriac

Starting from Moriac, visit the Otway towns of Birregurra, Gellibrand, Beech Forest, Forrest and Deans Marsh before returning to Moriac. Features a climb of Lavers Hill from the Colac side. Some great eateries along the way.

210/200 VIC

Bayswater train station cycle path to Midland. The scarp starts shortly after up to the very pretty John Forrest National Park. some lumpy bits through Parkaville, Chidlow, Wooroloo & your at the world famous Bakers Hill Pie Shop befor you know it. Small section on Great Eastern Hwy before the turn off to Toodyay & quiet roads again. Toodyay has cafes, bakery & pub but dont stay to long as Julimar Rd awaits & its best done with warm legs! Nice big decent into Bullsbrook, thats the hills done hoorar! Flat fast section on the Great Northern Hwy soon sees you into the Swan Vally Wine Region, before picking up the cycle path back to the finish

210/200 WA
BP Hobart Seven Hills Dash Hobart

Parliament Square
Hobart, Tasmania 7000

This 210 km ride takes in some of the most spectacular climbs south of Hobart, so bring your climbing legs. There are shops at Ranelagh (48km) Huonville (61km), Cygnet (85km and 143km). There are small general stores which may be open at Franklin, Woodbridge and Ferntree and a pub at Longley.


  1. Port Huon
  2. Woodbridge
  3. Cygnet
  4. Hobart
210/200 TAS

Perth to Pinjarra mostly on the PSP. Farmlands & Low volume roads around the Peel Inlet then Ocean view & coastal strip to Mandurah. PSP & tailwinds home to Perth

210/200 WA
BP PEEL AROUND PEEL 2017 Deep Water Point

DWP along the cyclepath to Mandura, hug the coast line until crossing the Peel Estuary, supurb views. Following the estuary around & into farmland. Pictureque Pinjarra & coffee, cakes ect. Head back to Perth first on quiret roads then the Cyclepath, if your lucky your have a tail wind!

211/200 WA
BP Goulburn Classic Eaglehawk Servo


212/200 ACT

Start Clackline Lion Park taking mostly back roads to towns of Northam, Grass Vally, Beverley & York then back to finish. An undulating scenic ride with views of the Avon River & farm lands. 

212/200 WA
BP Crookwell Canter Watson Shops

Out and back - Watson through to Crookwell (half way) and back.

213/200 ACT
BP Boot Ride By Rossi Kingston Shops

As for the Rossi 100 with an extra loop North to Goulburn.

Section of gravel road near Currawang to Collector = 10km.

214/200 ACT
BP Wattle valley Two Step Day 2 Cootamundra NSW

Can be ridden either direction as a single Brevet or paired with Wattle Valley Two Step Day 1

215/200 ACT

Starting next to Swan river before heading down the cycle path & through farm quiet roads to warm the legs up before the hills start. The climb up the first hill through mostly forrested roads has a few down bits also the old timber town of Jarrahdale has cafe at the general store. After control you have a nice big run down into the dam & then a climb out. Check out the water level of the dam! Stop for a photo. Undulating hills now past Prison & Hari Kris retreat, then a great down hill watch out for gravel on corners. Small section on the Hwy before we head back into the hills mostly forrested roads. Nice riding road with some downs to give the legs a rest. Once you get to Dwellingup the uphills are done, great run down off the scarp in to Pinjarra just be careful of the railway track crossing going down. 0nce at Pinjarra fuel up for the flat ride back to perth first on back roads through farm lands then cycle path & a tail wind home!

221/200 WA
BP Hobart to Launceston Intercity cycleway/ Cenotaph

Start Point

Intercity Cycleway/ Cenotaph

Note the actual distance is 225 km, and/or the direction can be varied by agreement, There is a separate permanent for the reverse route eg. .

Checkpoints (Hobart to Launceston):


  1. Colebrook
  2. Ross
  3. Hobart
224/200 TAS
BP Launceston to Hobart Launceston

Start Point

corner of York St & Wellington St
Launceston, Tasmania 7250


Note the actual distance is 225 km, and/or the direction can be varied by agreement, There is a separate permanent for the reverse route eg. .

Checkpoints (Launceston to Hobart):


  1. Ross
  2. Colebrook
  3. Hobart
225/200 TAS

TRIM THE CAT lll Day 5

238/200 WA
BP Bush Weddin Yass Truck Stop

A lovely country ride.

Best done in Spring.

300/300 ACT
BP Crookwell Canter Watson Shops

The canter with a bit more - Gunning Crookwell Goulburn and Windellema.

300/300 ACT

Starting on the outskirts of Midland, you may just glimpse the Velodome as you roll out! First part of ride is flat though the back of the Swan Vally & to Gin Gin. The undulations now start, but nothing to long. Onto the ride name, most Northly point of the ride we then turn south heading to Toodyay via Bindi Bindi-Toodyay Rd. This road takes you back down to the river level at Toodyay but its not all downhill! Bakery,Cafes or pub await you at Toodyay to replenish your energy levels, which your need before the climb at Hoddys Well! Small section on GEH before back on quiet roads to Chidlow via Wundowie/Wooroloo. Undulating hills, which are good as they give your butt a rest, as we make our way through Darlington & over GEH & back roads to the finish

300/300 WA
BP Swansea Loop Cenotaph Hobart

Water should be available at Brighton, Buckland, Orford, Triabunna, Swansea. The IGA shop at Swansea generally opens at 7AM.

It is a beautiful ride along the east coast with great views of Maria Island, Freycinet Peninsula and Schouten Island. Traffic is generally light except during school holidays. There is little sealed shoulder and only one lane each way.


  1. Swansea
  2. Orford
  3. Hobart
300/300 TAS

warm the legs up around Forrestfield before the climb up Welshpool rd. Through the Orchards of Pickering Book before the long undulating forrested Brookton Hwy. Westdale rd to historic BEVERLEY. Farmlands take you to old YORK & then NORTHAM. Lots of good views, stop, take a photo or two, smell the air. BAKERS HILL pie shop is a great stop for coffee & food. Little section of Hwy before back on quiet roads & a couple of undulations. Mundaring last stop before finish. Very pretty ride back with views of the dam & a fast down hill to finish

303/300 WA
BP Warrnambool Whaler 300 Km Warrnambool

Try to catch sight of the whales as you ride along the Great Ocean Road from Warrnambool to Geelong.

305/300 VIC
BP Coastal Sojourn Tarago Train Station


306/300 ACT

Start from DWP, using the cyclepath down to Lakes Rd. Quiet roads through farming area to Pinjarra. Strong coffee requied as when you leave this control the climbing is not to far away. Great views of the ALCOA minesite, before coming into forrested roads. The timber town of Dwellingup marks the end of the first climb of the day & 1/3rd of the ride compleated. The start of Nanga Brook Rd is a fast down hill, be carefull as some corners are sharper than you will expect, so take your time and enjoy the views on offer. As you go through the tunnel, you can hear and feel the mine trucks driving over the top. The undulating road soon brings you into Waroona & thats all the climbing done. Flat open farmlands before coming into pine platation & then crossing the hwy for the coast road into Preston Beach (great burgers). More pine platation & farming country back to Pinjarra. Same route back to DWP as traveled out, hopefully there will be a tail wind to push you home.

306/300 WA
BP Northern Loop 300 Dickson Shops


311/300 ACT
BP Snowy Epic 300 Jindabyne

Possibly Australia's toughest one day ride?

7,000 metres of climbing.

320/300 ACT

Nannup to Albany throught the beautiful forrests of the South

320/300 WA
BP Midnight Madness 400 Km Warrnambool

Catch the train from Melbourne, then an overnight ride from Warrnambool to Queenscliff (via Colac and Geelong) to catch the ferry. Finish off with the Sorrento to St Kilda run.

400/400 VIC
BP Ruckin Rugby 400 Dickson

Challenging ride heading north to Collector then to Tarago and Goulburn. Climb up, and up, to Crookwell, then undulate westward on the road to Boorowa via Rugby then back home via Yass.

400/400 ACT

Start from Deep Water Point & enjoy the cycle path most of the way to Mandurah. After Mandurah your have Ocean view as you hug the coast line until you cross the Peel Inlet then the views are of the estuary. Leprechaun Cafe is always a nice control.Quiet roads through farm lands to Yarloop which had a 17 day bush fire in 2016. More quiet roads until you get to the Forrest Hwy & then its a fast run into Bunbury via Australind. The approach to Bunbury gives you more views of the ocean & the cove. Lots of cafes & shops to fill hungary bellies before the journey home. The route back to Yarloop goes via Harvey, orange juice capital of Australia! The quiet back roads take you through dairy farms before bringing you into pictureques Pinjarra, & home of the Swing Bridge. Lots of bakeries,cafes & shops. More quiet roads & farm land before you pick up the cycle path all the way back to the finish, hopfully with a tail wind.

400/400 WA
BP Lake Leake Loop Hobart

Thanks for your interest in the Lake Leake Loop 400km ride organised by Audax Tasmania. It passes numerous shops and water taps (if you know where to look).

Water stops:

  • Granton
  • Bridgewater
  • Brighton (servo on RH corner before turning off the highway)
  • Buckland
  • Orford
  • Raspins Beach
  • Triabunna
  • Swansea
  • Campbell Town (x2)
  • Ross
  • Oatlands
  • Colebrook
  • Campania
  • Richmond

The ride starts from the carpark of the Hobart Intercity Cycleway. The time limit for this ride is 27 hours. Audax Australia lighting rules apply.


  1. Orford
  2. Campbell Town on 1st pass
  3. Oatlands
  4. Hobart
400/400 TAS
BP Wattle Valley 400 Dickson


402/400 ACT
BP Mallacoota Magic Cooma NSW


No services between Bombala and Genoa.

Take care on section of Princess Highway - Big Timber Trucks.

600/600 ACT
BP Ruckin Rugby 600 Dickson

Challenging ride heading north to Collector then to Tarago and Goulburn. Climb up, and up, to Crookwell, then undulate westward on the road to Boorowa via Rugby, looping to Young and Cootamundra then back home via Yass.

600/600 ACT
BP St Marys Loop Hobart

Thanks for your interest in the St Marys Loop 600km permanent ride organised by Audax Tasmania. The ride starts from the carpark of the Hobart Intercity Cycleway. The time limit for this ride is 40 hours. It passes numerous shops and water taps (if you know where to look).

Water stops:

  • Granton
  • Bridgewater
  • Brighton (servo on RH corner before turning off the highway)
  • Buckland
  • Orford
  • Raspins Beach
  • Triabunna
  • Swansea
  • Bicheno
  • St Marys
  • Campbell Town (x2)
  • Longford
  • Ross
  • Oatlands
  • Colebrook
  • Campania
  • Richmond


  • Orford
  • St Marys
  • Longford
  • Oatlands
  • Hobart
600/600 TAS
BP Abercrombie 600 Hall ACT

A challenging ride with some significant climbing between Bathurst and Taralga.


Controls between Blaney and Taralga are purposely few to allow time to make up for an overnight sleep and significant climbing from Bathurst.

An overnight at Bathurst and early start next day recommended.

601/600 ACT
SR Snowies Super Randonnee Cooma, NSW

The Snowies is a 603km loop that starts and ends in Cooma, NSW. The ride crosses the Monaro plains through Dalgety to the gateway to the ski resorts at Jindabyne. Here the climbing really starts with Guthega, Charlotte Pass, then Thredbo Alpine Village, crossing the range at Dead Horse Gap entering into Victoria via Corryong, then Walwa. Riders then cross the Murrary River back into NSW at Jingellic. Climbing resumes, up to Tumbarumba, and takes the winding mountain road up to Cabramurra, the highest town in Australia. The route back to Cooma is via Adaminaby on the shores of Lake Eucembene.

603/600 ACT
BP Forbes Frolic Kaleen Shops

Long loop with Forbes at the halfway. Flat in the middle, undulating at either end.

606/600 ACT
BP Geelong Flyer 1000 Adelaide (Blackwood)

This point to point 1000 Km ride follows the Raid Coorong route from Adelaide (Blackwood) to Geelong around the coast, with an extension to Milang to make up the distance.

1002/1000 VIC
BP Falls Creek Bright

Bright – Mt Beauty – Falls Creek – Mt Beauty

Available October to March ONLY

100/100 7 Peaks Series VIC
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