Registrants List

NUM First Name Last Name Registration Date Country
1 Bruce Berg von Lindhe 21-Apr-2019 Australia
2 Ian Boehm 01-May-2019 Australia
3 Henry de Man 26-Apr-2019 Australia
4 Simon Dempsey 30-Apr-2019 Australia
5 Anthony Hoare 01-May-2019 Australia
6 Roy Jenkins 29-Apr-2019 Australia
7 Paul Kalitsis 28-Apr-2019 Australia
8 Brendan Lang 27-Apr-2019 Australia
9 Leigh Paterson 14-Apr-2019 Australia
10 Miles Smith 30-Apr-2019 Australia
11 Sally Theofanides 30-Apr-2019 Australia
12 Garry Wall 01-May-2019 Australia
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