Wonderful Wombat 50 / 100 (2019)

Quiet fire roads, rail trail and farm roads through and beside the Wombat State Forest. Hilly first 60 km, then flatter and more downhill. Unsupported. Starts 15 min after 1st Vline train from Melbourne. CX or MTB recommended. 50 km route less demanding.

Dist /
08:30 12 km sealed out of 103 km total. Hilly first half with flatter more downhill second half. Unsupported but checkpoints at Blackwood and Trentham, which both have shops, water, toilets. Plenty of places for post-ride conviviality at Macedon. Map $6.00
08:45 A less demanding version of the Wonderful Wombat course. Limited support at 27 km where 50 km riders separate from the longer course. Map $6.00

Start Location

Macedon train station


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Ride Date 27-Sep-2019 8:30 am
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