Double Bogie Leap Year Edition - BD, BG and BRM options (2020)

A series of rides through the forest on quiet gravel roads and fire trails. There will be food, beverages and friendly volunteers at each checkpoint. Read the descriptions for each of the rides and choose wisely. limited free camping available.

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07:30 A very pleasant ride on quiet country roads and tracks through the forest. The route is 90% unsealed but there is less climbing making this an excellent introduction to gravel riding. Map $25.00
07:30 This delightful ride on shady gravel tracks and roads travels with the longer distances as far as the 50km mark. The ride then descends to the second control on an easier route. Suitable for either a gravel or a mountain bike. Map $50.00
07:30 A scenic ride on quiet roads, gravel tracks and fire trails. This is a very pleasant route with lots of shade especially in the first half. There are two supported checkpoints and if it is hot you can stop for a swim in lake Nhilacoote. Don't underestimate the 118m it is hard. If you are a trundler, ride this route as a brevet dirt and enjoy the route, some will need the extra time. Map $50.00
07:30 The 150km mixed terrain ride travels with the 118km route as far as the second checkpoint. After this checkpoint you will travel through some flat farmland before your final climb. You will enjoy the shade of the Boho Church climb at the end of the day. Map $50.00
07:30 Same as the 201 BRM ride but with more time to complete it. Map $55.00
07:30 A very pleasant ride on quiet country roads, gravel tracks and firetrails. You travel with the 118km and 150km riders as far as the second checkpoint. There is less climbing per kilometer and more sealed road than the other routes. This ride is therefore offered as either a BG or a BRM 200 . This route has 3 supported check points Map $55.00

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Ride Date 29-Feb-2020 7:30 am
Capacity 47
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Registration Close Date 26-Feb-2020 11:55 pm
Location The Farm
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