Southern Flinders Sunday (2020)

Explore the Southern Flinders on quiet roads through varied landscapes and interesting towns. Each loop starts & finishes at ride HQ, the Commercial Hotel, Jamestown. For accommodation & food options, click on

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08:00 Quiet roads through the little historic town of Caltowie, and the cereal crops, to the popular Old Bakery at Stone Hut. Nick-nacks to ponder and a magnificent walk through aviary! And interesting bush-tucker choices in their pies! N/AMap$11.00
08:00 A tour through some little towns, and one not so small. All full of 'character' and draped in history. Yongala, often the coldest place in the state. Peterborough and Terowie, the rail-way hubs, many moons ago! Remember General MacArthur, and meet Bob. N/AMap$11.00
06:00 Do the big 'hoopla'! Visit the lot. Except Tarcowie! You will ride through Appila, Pekina, Orroroo, Yatina, Yongala, Peterborough, Terowie and Yarcowie. Does it get any better than that? Do a General MacArthur. And don't forget Bob. N/AMap$16.00
06:00 A very similar loop as the 1000 riders on their second loop. A 20km high speed run down Port Germein Gorge! Big town Port Pirie and then a string of little towns to lovely Clare. A gentle ride up the valley to finish off. N/AMap$21.00
06:00 The first loop will be with today’s 300s and 600s, and possibly the 1000s too. The unforgettable run down Port Germein Gorge! Port Pirie and several smaller ones. Then a night run through the historic rail towns of Peterborough and Terowie. N/AMap$26.00
06:00 Ride with the 400s to Brinkworth, but then turn west to Snowtown! On your second loop you might be riding out with the 1000 riders to the south-east. And finally a loop to the north-east to visit rail history at Peterborough and Terowie. N/AMap$36.00

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Ride Date 18-Oct-2020 6:00 am
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