Southern Flinders Monday (2020)

Explore the Southern Flinders on quiet roads through varied landscapes and interesting towns. Each loop starts & finishes at ride HQ, the Commercial Hotel, Jamestown. For accommodation & food options, click on

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08:00 Go in search of that 'biggest battery'. True or just a rumour? And visit little old Appila with it's long closed pub on the corner. There are a lot of long closed pubs in the region unfortunately! N/AMap$11.00
08:00 Rail history at Gladstone and then to Crystal Brook. A bit of a push back up to Possum Park Road. Visit lovely Laura, then on to little Stone Hut. A walk down 'memory lane' (Murray Street). Fascinating history boards in front of the old houses! N/AMap$11.00
08:00 Through Caltowie to Stone Hut Bakery. Another great eatery at the Wirrabara café/roadhouse, before moving along to Booleroo Centre. Back past the wind farm and the famous 'big battery'. N/AMap$11.00
08:00 What lies over that hill? A little place called Tarcowie apparently. Not sure what you’ll find. Does anybody live there? Maybe, maybe not. If so, tell them you’re lost - you're looking for the road to Sydney. Ask them to sign your card - nicely! N/AMap$11.00
06:00 A couple of climbs to warm up, then a fast cruise down to the Monster Mine in Burra. Quaint Mintaro, 'grapey' Clare, then a quiet leafy road to the Barinia Rail Station historic site. Finally a scenic ride back up the valley. N/AMap$16.00
06:00 Ride with the 200s through Burra, Mintaro and to Sevenhill. But take the short cut home, straight up the main highway through Clare! Then visit the historic rail towns of Peterborough and Terowie after dark! N/AMap$21.00

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Ride Date 19-Oct-2020 6:00 am
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