Registrants List

NUM First Name Last Name Registration Date First Name Last Name Country Select Team Name Team Name
1 jonny ayres 22-Mar-2018 jonny ayres Australia Downs Oppytunists
2 Nicholas Booth 16-Mar-2018 Nicholas Booth Australia FlatOut Oppytunists
3 Nicholas Burnett 21-Mar-2018 Nicholas Burnett Australia FlatOut Oppytunists
4 Raoul Dover 09-Mar-2018 Raoul Dover Australia Downs Oppytunists
5 rachel edwards 12-Mar-2018 rachel edwards Australia Koiled Crazies
6 Jeff Franklin 20-Mar-2018 Jeff Franklin Australia Downs Oppytunists
7 Mark Harris 15-Mar-2018 Mark Harris Australia S.O.F.T.
8 Matt Hickey 12-Mar-2018 Matt Hickey Australia Koiled Crazies
9 Brian Hornby 13-Mar-2018 Brian Hornby Australia The Alternative
10 Tara Horner 13-Mar-2018 Tara Horner Australia The Alternative
11 Peter Jenkins 07-Mar-2018 Peter Jenkins Australia Team SLO
12 Vaughan Kippers 07-Mar-2018 Vaughan Kippers Australia Team SLO
13 Pat Lehane 08-Mar-2018 Pat Lehane Australia Team SLO
14 Matthew Locker 10-Mar-2018 Matthew Locker Australia Koiled Crazies
15 Helen Marson 06-Mar-2018 Helen Marson Australia S.O.F.T.
16 Scott McCarthy 13-Mar-2018 Scott McCarthy Australia Downs Oppytunists
17 Michael Newell 11-Mar-2018 Michael Newell Australia Koiled Crazies
18 Paul Newman 11-Mar-2018 Paul Newman Australia Koiled Crazies
19 Steve Powell 18-Mar-2018 Steve Powell Australia FlatOut Oppytunists
20 Kym Raffelt 16-Mar-2018 Kym Raffelt Australia Team SLO
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