Registrants List

NUM First Name Last Name Registration Date First Name Last Name Country
1 Jan Acuff 05-Oct-2018 Jan Acuff United States
2 Rick Blacker 30-Aug-2018 Rick Blacker United States
3 Frederick Blasdel 05-Sep-2018 Frederick Blasdel United States
4 Robert Brudvik 05-Sep-2018 Robert Brudvik United States
5 Terry christie 30-Aug-2018 Terry christie United Kingdom
6 John Ellis 17-Jan-2019 John Ellis United States
7 Simon Gill 30-Aug-2018 Simon Gill Australia
8 glen griffiths 30-Aug-2018 glen griffiths Australia
9 Kevin Grimmer 11-Sep-2018 Kevin Grimmer Australia
10 Rus Hamilton 13-Oct-2018 Rus Hamilton Australia
11 Brian Hornby 31-Aug-2018 Brian Hornby Australia
12 Tara Horner 30-Aug-2018 Tara Horner Australia
13 Jan Erik jensen 07-Sep-2018 Jan Erik jensen Sweden
14 Tim Jones 04-Sep-2018 Tim Jones Australia
15 Odd Jordheim 30-Aug-2018 Odd Jordheim Norway
16 Janet Keily 30-Aug-2018 Janet Keily Australia
17 David Litt 27-Nov-2018 David Litt Japan
18 Simon Maddison 30-Aug-2018 Simon Maddison Australia
19 Grant McAlister 31-Aug-2018 Grant McAlister United States
20 Scott McCarthy 01-Sep-2018 Scott McCarthy Australia
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