Registrants List

NUM First Name Last Name Registration Date Country
1 Andy Derham 13-Sep-2018 Australia
2 Michael Gass 04-Sep-2018 Australia
3 Martin Grannas 18-Aug-2018 Australia
4 Rick Harker 12-Sep-2018 Australia
5 Dale Howard 10-Sep-2018 Australia
6 Martin Lewis 20-Aug-2018 Australia
7 Stuart Mackay 13-Sep-2018 Australia
8 Claire Noonan 30-Aug-2018 Australia
9 Bruce Phillips 10-Sep-2018 Australia
10 Fraser Rowe 11-Sep-2018 Australia
11 Justin Seto 22-Aug-2018 Australia
12 Arno van der Schans 17-Aug-2018 Australia
13 Timothy Van Der Schans 28-Aug-2018 Australia
14 Chris Wessels 11-Sep-2018 Australia
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