With PBP in mind this ride offers a chance to examine one’s mental approach to night riding as well as check the performance of your gear. After this ride you may want to reflect on your starting group choices or upgrade your equipment.  No ride is flat but this one is pretty good with less than 2700 mt of accent all up. And a great way to get your 400 qualifying ride completed early.

Starting in Boorowa with the moon already on the rise we will head in a westerly direction to Harden. Don’t expect anything to be open here or in any of the other towns we pass through in the night. Early to bed and early to rise out here. We will offer limited support at two controls, Temora and Caragabal, where food and drink will be available.

By daylight you will be well on your way to Grenfell where Chris’s Grenfell Bakery will be open from about 5:30am. Young will be your last chance to refuel before you return to Boorowa. On finishing, a good suggestion would be to sleep in Boorowa. The Boorowa Hotel has reasonably priced rooms and a good menu.

Ride Date 23-Nov-2018 8:00 pm
Capacity 25
Registered 5 [View List]
Available place 20
Registration Close Date 20-Nov-2018 11:59 pm
Individual Price AUD31.00
AUD31.00 20
Ride Date 30-Jul-2019
Capacity Unlimited
Registered 12 [View List]
Individual Price $100.00