Registrants List

NUM First Name Last Name Registration Date First Name Last Name Country
1 Maria Beardon 17-Jan-2019 Maria Beardon Australia
2 Michael Bentley 24-Dec-2018 Michael Bentley Australia
3 Bruce Berg von Lindhe 17-Jan-2019 Bruce Berg von Lindhe Australia
4 Axel Burkert 02-Jan-2019 Axel Burkert Australia
5 Peter Carr 21-Jan-2019 Peter Carr Australia
6 Charles Cooke 21-Jan-2019 Charles Cooke Australia
7 Paul Cooper 09-Jan-2019 Paul Cooper Australia
8 Peter Donnan 02-Feb-2019 Peter Donnan Australia
9 Howard Dove 23-Jan-2019 Howard Dove Australia
10 Jeff Ewing 28-Jan-2019 Jeff Ewing Australia
11 David Fairweather 23-Dec-2018 David Fairweather Australia
12 Jeff Franklin 03-Feb-2019 Jeff Franklin Australia
13 Lindsay Green 25-Jan-2019 Lindsay Green Australia
14 Kevin Grimmer 24-Jan-2019 Kevin Grimmer Australia
15 David Hart 03-Feb-2019 David Hart Australia
16 Phillip Hayes 21-Jan-2019 Phillip Hayes Australia
17 Peter Heal 25-Jan-2019 Peter Heal Australia
18 Andrew Heard 21-Jan-2019 Andrew Heard Australia
19 Wayne Hickman 03-Feb-2019 Wayne Hickman Australia
20 Robert Hoehne 02-Feb-2019 Robert Hoehne Australia
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