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This description is used for both the booklet and the website and is limited to 255 characters.

This long description is for the on-line calendar only. It is not mandatory and if left blank, the short description will be used. The buttons at the top of this box will format your text.

We require at least two proposed dates. Always feel free to email your state calendar organiser before submitting or adding some comments in the Notes section below.

Enter the URL (including the http:// or https:// at the start) to the booking website you wish to use.

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    *We normally display 'Book online' however you can overwrite this with your own short text. e.g. Book online with booking.yeah
  12. 1. Enter a URL where your documentation is located.
  1. Insert a link to a map of the start point, controls, caravan park etc, if navigation is difficult.
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  1. Please consult with your region calendar rep before adding a series
Distance 1 You must provide the relevant information for your ride, even it it is a social event, under at least one distance tab.
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