Audax Australia Cycling Club announces the sale of the Audax Alpine Classic to SME360


The Audax Alpine Classic has been Audax Australia’s marquee event and one of Australia’s premier cycling events for over three decades. It has become the ultimate family friendly sportive ride in Australia.

 In recent years a number of key personnel, who have contributed so much to shape this event, have decided to retire or reduce their commitment to running the Alpine Classic. Despite our best efforts the club has been unable to recruit members to fill these key positions. It was therefore decided to consider options for the future of the event.

 Over the past three years the Victorian Region Committee of Audax Australia has worked very hard to secure the future of the event, investigating various management options, both in-house and external, including passing the event to the community and sale options. Disbanding the event was only ever fleetingly considered. Ultimately, after extensive consultation, to ensure the Alpine Classic's continuation the difficult decision was made to sell the event.


 It is therefore with mixed emotions that we announce the sale of the Audax Alpine Classic to SME360. We are sad to let the Audax Alpine Classic go but at the same time we are excited to pass the torch over to SME360 and their management team who are committed to continuing the culture and the long term future of the event.

 SME360 is one of Australia’s major event marketing and event mangers involved with such cycling events as Amy’s Grand Fondo and the Great Ocean Road & Otway Classic and was seen as the ideal organisation to ensure the continuation and development of the Alpine. In a press release statement from SME360,

“We are delighted to have added this historic event, considered the most difficult single cycle event in Australia, to our growing list of major events. The route commences in Bright and travels through some of the most breathtaking countryside including Mount Hotham, Dinner Plain, Falls Creek and Mount Beauty. We will continue to work with Audax Australia & the relevant High-Country Tourism Bodies to ensure the continued success and growth of the event.”

 Audax Australia will be working hard to ensure a successful transition with Phil Bellette and Dan Shannon continuing as the event directors for the 2018 edition. Through this transition phase Audax will need help and support from members to provide skills transfer to ensure the Alpine Classic continues developing and remains a wonderful event that we can all enjoy for years to come.

 Audax members can still complete this event as a Brevet Ride.

 Brian Beardon,

President, Audax Australia Cycling Club








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