Documents to be presented at the AGM held in Bright, Victoria on Friday 27th of January 2017.

2016 Financial Statement and Audit Report (uploaded 20/1/17)

2016 AGM Draft Minutes (uploaded 20/1/17)

  Attachment A: 2016 AGM President's Report

  Attachment B: 2016 AGM Treasurer's Report

  Attachment C: 2015 Financial Statements and Auditors Report

  Attachment D: 2015 Awards Recipients List

Treasurer's Report (uploaded 5/2/17)

President's Report (uploaded 5/2/17)

2016 Riding Awards List (uploaded 5/2/17)

Outstanding Member Awards (to be uploaded post meeting)



Upcoming Rides

Fri 26 July
ACT Harden, New South Wales 79km Route MapRegistration
Sat 27 July
ACT Harden, New South Wales 140km Route MapRegistration
NSW West Ryde 225km Route MapRegistration
NSW West Ryde 316km Route MapRegistration
NSW West Ryde 414km Route MapRegistration
VIC Elgar Park 201km InformationRoute MapRegistration
Sun 28 July
ACT Harden, New South Wales 100km Route MapRegistration
QLD Woodenbong 70km Route MapRegistration
QLD Rathdowney 168km Route MapRegistration
Mon 29 July
ACT Harden, New South Wales 98km Route MapRegistration
Tue 30 July
QLD Regatta Ferry Stage Toowong 40km Route Map