2017 Sydney-Melbourne Alpine 1200: Qualification and Entry

Qualifying Rides

Due to the demanding nature of the ride, qualifying rides will be required. These are either a 1000km+ ride between 1 November 2016 and 1 November 2017 OR a 600km+ ride (including a Super Randonnée as a Randonneur) between 1 May 2017 and 1 November 2017. The Committee has the discretion to accept other qualifications.

Online Entry

Online entry is now open - Register Now!
Refer to the Terms and Conditions of Entry for entry conditions. You will need to accept these before you can enter.

Entry Fees

The entry fees for this event are as follows:

  • $690 AUD for members of Audax Australia or clubs affiliated with Cycling Australia;
  • $700 AUD otherwise

The entry fee includes:

  • Overnight bunk accommodation with dinner, showers, bed and breakfast at Canberra, Laurel Hill, and Lake Nillahcootie.
  • Transport of drop bags to overnight stops in Canberra, Laurel Hill and Lake Nillahcootie and the finish in Melbourne.
  • Full support (meals & drinks) at most other checkpoints.
  • Medical support over the entire route.
  • A minibus providing a sag service over the most difficult part of the course from Canberra to Laurel Hill Forest Camp.
  • The help and encouragement of countless volunteers along the way.
  • A medallion for all finishers.

How to prepare for the SM1200

This is a challenging event!

Riders on any 1200 must be prepared to ride for four days, averaging 300 km per day, often on little sleep. Those who have done this know how hard it can be.
The SM1200 presents the additional challenges of riding though an alpine area. On day 2, you will climb over 4000 metres. The variability of alpine weather just adds to the challenge: the 2009 edition of this event had strong southerly winds and cold temperatures buffeting the riders all the way from Canberra through the mountains, but it might just as easily be blazing hot.
There is no one ideal way to prepare for such an event, but building up your mileage, developing your climbing strength, and completing several multi-day rides beforehand, where fatigue and the need to "manage" your time and body enter the equation, are all obvious elements.
Against this background, we suggest strongly that you treat the qualification requirements as a minimum. For those in the Southern Hemisphere, we strongly recommend that you keep your mileage up through the winter months and that you ride at least one further 600 in the three months prior to the event. There are calendared rides available in all regions, except WA, over the next few months and most regions also offer long permanent routes which can be ridden at any time.

Info for first timers
If you are a "newbie" to ultra-long distance cycling events, you’re likely to find that doing the event is as much a "voyage of discovery" as it is a bike ride. There are numerous things that you may need to get on top of, including:

  • How should I set up my bike?
  • What sorts of lights do I need?
  • How much gear, clothing, water and food do I need to carry with me?
  • How do I manage my time at checkpoints and on the road?
  • To what extent should I stay with a group or go off at my own pace?
  • What and how much food should I eat, and should I be using sport gels and supplements? Which sorts?
  • How can I prevent (or manage) saddle sores and the other aches and pains that almost inevitably arise from spending so long on a bike?
  • How do I manage personal hygiene through the event?
  • How do I deal with feeling sleep deprived and fatigued?

To help think through these and other questions, it may be useful to get out on some local Audax rides and quiz other, experienced randonneurs about their experiences and "tips and traps". You’ll also find some ideas and information in previous editions of Checkpoint magazine, which can be downloaded from the Audax Australia website. And you can ask questions, whether complex or seemingly very simple, on the Audax chat list.
Good luck... and "allez-lujah"!


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Last updated 28 August 2017


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