2017 Sydney-Melbourne Alpine 1200: 19-22 November

Congratulations to the 34 riders who completed the 2017 Sydney Melbourne 1200 with a lap of the Brunswick Cycle Club velodrome on Wednesday 22 November... how cool is that!

The send off underneath the harbour bridge proved so successful that boat loads of tourists flocked to secure prime viewing positions of the start line, as exemplified by this photo, taken at the exact time riders were heading out towards Melbourne.


It is not possible to run an event like the SM1200 without volunteers donating generously of their time. The ride organisers send a huge thank you to the 98 volunteers who were involved in some way in the running of the event, including providing and arranging billets, developing and checking the official and emergency ride routes, conducting pre-ride registration and light checks, setting up IT for registration and rider tracking, liaising with the managers and coordinating volunteer tasks at the overnight stops, providing food and drinks at checkpoints, secret controls and along the route as required by the weather, driving support vehicles, photography, providing medical support, payment of invoices and reimbursement of volunteer expenses... apologies if we’ve missed a task, we certainly valued the effort nonetheless.

Comments and emails we’ve received tell how professional, courteous, friendly and helpful all supporters were. Every supported checkpoint seems to be someone's favourite.

We’ve never been more proud to be members of Audax Australia. The success of the whole event is greater than the sum of its parts. When you are surrounded by such talent its impossible to fail.

Smile, you're on camera - Robert Hoehne (accompanied by Michael Smith) followed riders from start to finish. Once these images have been collated, they will be available for all to view.

Peter Makin had a GoPro set up at the Laurel Hill overnight checkpoint. It took a photo every 60 seconds from Monday evening through to Tuesday morning condensed into a 4:30 minute YouTube movie. Enjoy!

Sadly by now everyone will be aware of the death of one of the riders on the first evening. Matters are being dealt with privately at this time and it is with respect to family wishes that we do not name the rider involved. The family have also requested that nothing be posted on social media. The organisers, volunteers and the wider Audax community extend their sympathy to his family and friends at this very sad time.

Last updated: 26 November 2017

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