2017 Sydney-Melbourne Alpine 1200: Rider List

There are 43 registered riders:

Rider # Rider Name Country Gender Jersey Sleeping Bag Std Luggage O/S Luggage


Hamid Akbarian USA Male 2 x L Yes 2  
39 Rick Blacker USA Male     1  
26 Soufiane Boufous Australia Male     1  
10 Peter Carr Australia Male 1 x XL Yes 1  
28 Luiz Arthur Chagas da Silveira Brazil Male 1 x L Yes 1  
32 Mick Cullen Australia Male     1  
29 Paul Davis Australia Male 1 x S Yes   1
20 Jacques de Groot Australia Male 1 x XL      
18 Jonathan Egan Australia Male   Yes 1  
3 Rishi Fox Australia Female        
30 Jeff Franklin Australia Male        
43 Michael Gass Australia Male        
31 David Gerrard Australia Male 1 x M       
38 Tomoyuki Ishii Japan Male 1 x S   1  
8 Andrew Johnson Australia Male   Yes   1
23 Bhanu Lokubalasuriya Australia Male 1 x L   1  
42 Simon Maddison Australia Male        
24 Grant McAlister USA Male 1 x M Yes 1  
17 Moises Marcus Retka Brazil Male 1 x M Yes 1  
16 Ross Meulman Australia Male 1 x XL      
35 Marcus Moore Australia Male 1 x XL Yes    
40 Linton Nash Australia Male        
1 Joel Nicholson Australia Male 1 x M      
36 James Nitis Australia Male   Yes   1
5 Wolfgang Nitsche Germany Male 1 x L Yes   1
44 Pawel Pacula Australia Male   Yes 1  
11 Graeme Poile Australia Male 1 x XL      
14 Thomas Price Australia Male     1  
7 Perry Raison Australia Male       1
25 Brian Renwick Australia Male 1 x L     1
19 Mark Rigby Australia Male        
22 Mark Riley Australia Male 1 x L   1  
37 Andy Roberts Australia Male     1  
21 Sam Rowland Australia Male 1 x L Yes 1  
41 Richard Searle Australia Male   Yes    
34 Ronald Spargo Australia Male 1 x L      
4 Claire Stevens Australia Female       1
2 Mark Thomas USA Male 1 x L Yes 2  
12 David Thompson USA Male 1 x M Yes 2  
33 Yasuhiko Tomioka Japan Male 1 x M, 1 x XS Yes 1  
9 Simon Wile Australia Male   Yes   1
6 Tiffany Winchester Australia Female 1 x M Yes    
15 Hitoshi Yoshida Japan Male 1 x S      


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Last updated 13 November 2017



2017 Sydney-Melbourne Alpine 1200: The Route

The final route is now available for download on Ride with GPS.

The cue sheets are available for download in PDF format and Excel format and now include the emergency route for the second day. Do not use the emergency route unless instructed to do so by the Ride Director.

The route has been structured to enable the ride to be completed in four sections. The ride will start underneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The overnight checkpoints will be in Canberra 358km, Laurel Hill 672km and Lake Nillahcootie 1020km, with the finish in Melbourne at Brunswick Cycle Club Velodrome.

Riders bags will be transported to the overnight checkpoints each day and to the finish on the final day. These stops are only available for rest stays on the evenings of day 1, 2 and 3 respectively, and your bags (and beds) will only be available from 5:00pm on each day.

Riders will roll out at 6:00am sharp on Sunday 19 November from the Dawes Point Park, Hickson Rd just north of Campbells Cove and the Park Hyatt hotel, on the western side of Circular Quay. There is plenty of parking nearby for those coming by car. Riders travelling to the start by train should alight at Wynyard station, walk up the ramp to George St, and ride down George St through the Rocks then turn right into Hickson Rd.Final pre-event briefing will be at 5:45 AM.
View Map


The finish and final control will be at the Brunswick Cycling Club. The control will be open from 2:00pm on Wednesday 22 November. The clubhouse is available to us from this time. Arrival after 2:00pm ensures that there'll be people to welcome you, plus immediate access to a cold drink! Riders have clear directions on their cue sheets to reach the clubhouse.
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Day 1: Sydney to Canberra - 358km

Starting beneath the Harbour Bridge just after dawn, you pedal across Sydney on roads that are normally busy, but reasonably quiet at that time. After exiting the city, you climb over the Old Razorback and descend into Picton before slowly ascending to the beautiful Southern Highlands and the first checkpoint at Mittagong. The route then passes through some stunning and challenging parts of the highlands before easing you into the scenic, tree-lined roads through the highland villages of Bundanoon, Wingello and Tallong on to the second checkpoint at Marulan. The lushness of the highlands then makes way for some drier, scrubbier country as you head through Bungonia and Tarago to Bungendore. There are a couple of decent hills to be tackled before joining the Federal Highway for the last 20km cruise into Canberra.

Day 2: Canberra to Laurel Hill - 314km

You start this toughest of days by slipping silently through Canberra on its excellent and empty arterial roads, before joining the Monaro Highway that runs south between two ranges to Cooma, the day’s first checkpoint. The Monaro tablelands between Canberra and Cooma are open and windswept. From Cooma it’s into the high country along the Snowy Mountains Highway to the second checkpoint in the village of Adaminaby. From there the mountains start in earnest, as you tackle a series of steep ascents to the third checkpoint at Wolgal Hut. The climbing continues, then you plunge down the mountain, kissing the tip of the Talbingo Reservoir, before climbing again to the McPherson Plains via the very challenging Sue City Pass - 600 metres of climbing at over 8% gradient. A slight diversion takes you to the welcome fourth checkpoint at McPhersons Alpine Caravan Park. You then descend once more through forested roads to Tumbarumba, before commencing the final climb of the day to Laurel Hill Camp for a well-deserved sleep.

Day 3: Laurel Hill to Lake Nillahcootie - 348km

You start day 3 by swooping down the hill to the Murray River, entering Victoria at Jingellic. You follow the Murray for a further 70 kms, skirting around Albury-Wodonga and climbing gradually again through Yackandandah to the quaint gold-mining town of Beechworth. A great downhill run brings you to Tarrawingee and then it's a relatively flat run through to Lake Nillahcootie via Wangaratta.

Day 4: Lake Nillahcootie to Melbourne - 184km

Day four is payback time for the hard work over the previous three days as you ride 184km from Lake Nillahcootie through Yea and Whittlesea to the Brunswick Velodrome, just north of the Melbourne CBD, where you can finish this epic event with a lap of the track. Here you’ll join your Audax colleagues to celebrate a truly epic achievement. Finish by midnight on Wednesday 22 November and you’ve earned your medallion as a successful finisher of a truly iconic event. There’ll be dozens of Audaxers there to welcome you in and toast your achievement.


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Last updated 11 November 2017


With a choice of three distances (1200, 1000 or 200 km) the sixth edition of the Perth – Albany – Perth randonnee has something for everyone


PAP2018 STARTS on 1 October 2018 at 5am


PAP2018 REGISTRATION opens on 1 March 2018


PAP2018 REGISTRATION closes on 31 May 2018, or when full


PAP2018 QUALIFICATION - To enter riders will need to complete a qualification ride of 600km or greater after 1 Nov 2017 and before they register


PAP2018 CONTACT PERSON more information will be posted soon, but if you have a burning question please make contact using the link below:


WA President Wayne Hickman



2017 Sydney-Melbourne Alpine 1200: Qualification and Entry

Qualifying Rides

Due to the demanding nature of the ride, qualifying rides will be required. These are either a 1000km+ ride between 1 November 2016 and 1 November 2017 OR a 600km+ ride (including a Super Randonnée as a Randonneur) between 1 May 2017 and 1 November 2017. The Committee has the discretion to accept other qualifications.

Online Entry

Online entry is now open - Register Now!
Refer to the Terms and Conditions of Entry for entry conditions. You will need to accept these before you can enter.

Entry Fees

The entry fees for this event are as follows:

  • $690 AUD for members of Audax Australia or clubs affiliated with Cycling Australia;
  • $700 AUD otherwise

The entry fee includes:

  • Overnight bunk accommodation with dinner, showers, bed and breakfast at Canberra, Laurel Hill, and Lake Nillahcootie.
  • Transport of drop bags to overnight stops in Canberra, Laurel Hill and Lake Nillahcootie and the finish in Melbourne.
  • Full support (meals & drinks) at most other checkpoints.
  • Medical support over the entire route.
  • A minibus providing a sag service over the most difficult part of the course from Canberra to Laurel Hill Forest Camp.
  • The help and encouragement of countless volunteers along the way.
  • A medallion for all finishers.

How to prepare for the SM1200

This is a challenging event!

Riders on any 1200 must be prepared to ride for four days, averaging 300 km per day, often on little sleep. Those who have done this know how hard it can be.
The SM1200 presents the additional challenges of riding though an alpine area. On day 2, you will climb over 4000 metres. The variability of alpine weather just adds to the challenge: the 2009 edition of this event had strong southerly winds and cold temperatures buffeting the riders all the way from Canberra through the mountains, but it might just as easily be blazing hot.
There is no one ideal way to prepare for such an event, but building up your mileage, developing your climbing strength, and completing several multi-day rides beforehand, where fatigue and the need to "manage" your time and body enter the equation, are all obvious elements.
Against this background, we suggest strongly that you treat the qualification requirements as a minimum. For those in the Southern Hemisphere, we strongly recommend that you keep your mileage up through the winter months and that you ride at least one further 600 in the three months prior to the event. There are calendared rides available in all regions, except WA, over the next few months and most regions also offer long permanent routes which can be ridden at any time.

Info for first timers
If you are a "newbie" to ultra-long distance cycling events, you’re likely to find that doing the event is as much a "voyage of discovery" as it is a bike ride. There are numerous things that you may need to get on top of, including:

  • How should I set up my bike?
  • What sorts of lights do I need?
  • How much gear, clothing, water and food do I need to carry with me?
  • How do I manage my time at checkpoints and on the road?
  • To what extent should I stay with a group or go off at my own pace?
  • What and how much food should I eat, and should I be using sport gels and supplements? Which sorts?
  • How can I prevent (or manage) saddle sores and the other aches and pains that almost inevitably arise from spending so long on a bike?
  • How do I manage personal hygiene through the event?
  • How do I deal with feeling sleep deprived and fatigued?

To help think through these and other questions, it may be useful to get out on some local Audax rides and quiz other, experienced randonneurs about their experiences and "tips and traps". You’ll also find some ideas and information in previous editions of Checkpoint magazine, which can be downloaded from the Audax Australia website. And you can ask questions, whether complex or seemingly very simple, on the Audax chat list.
Good luck... and "allez-lujah"!


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Last updated 28 August 2017



2017 Sydney-Melbourne Alpine 1200: Support


Riders will have lots of support along the way:

  • Overnight accommodation with dinner, showers, bed and breakfast at Canberra, Laurel Hill, and Lake Nillahcootie.
  • We will transport a bag for each rider from Sydney to be available at the overnight stops in Canberra, Laurel Hill and Lake Nillahcootie and at the finish in Melbourne.
  • Full support (meals, drinks) at most other checkpoints. Full details will be published on the website as they become available.
  • Medical support over the entire route.
  • A minibus providing a sag service over the most difficult part of the course from Canberra to Laurel Hill Forest Camp.
  • The help and encouragement of countless volunteers along the way.
  • The Victorian Region are hosting a BBQ at the finish in Melbourne. You can shower, change, enjoy a few drinks and welcome in other riders as they arrive.

Baggage transport

Drop Bag

We will transport a bag for each rider with spare cycling clothes, pyjamas, toiletries and other necessities of a 1200 km randonnee. These bags will be available at the Canberra, Laurel Hill and Lake Nillahcootie checkpoints and must be collected at the finish in Melbourne. You can only access the bag at these checkpoints. We will be unloading and loading 50+ bags at each overnight location so we ask that you limit the material you put in your bag to less than 10 kg. Nothing larger than an airline carry-on bag please.

Additional Luggage

Riders have the option of transporting additional luggage from Sydney to Melbourne. Additional luggage will not be accessible during the event. It must be collected at the ride finish location in Melbourne. You can drop off your bag (and bike box) at the lighting check location.
Cost for transport is:

  • Standard Luggage - $15 per piece
  • Oversized Luggage - $30 per piece

There is no charge to transport flattened cardboard bicycle boxes.

Calculating Luggage Size

Luggage size is calculated by adding the Length + Depth + Width of the bag, measured at the largest point of each dimension.

CalculatingLuggageSize BikeCase

Standard luggage: Length + Depth + Width is 157.5cm (62 inches) or less

Oversized luggage: Length + Depth + Width is more than 157.5cm (62 inches)

Even with the greatest motivation in the world and solid preparation, riders will withdraw from a challenging event like this for a variety of reasons. We can’t cover every situation that arises but we will ensure that any rider who pulls out of the event is transported to a railway station, bus terminal or town from where they can make arrangements to travel back to Sydney or on to Melbourne. In some cases we may be able to transport riders to the next overnight control point where they can elect to continue riding to Melbourne as a tourist.


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Last updated 21 August 2017



2017 Sydney-Melbourne Alpine 1200: Jersey

The design of the 2017 Sydney Melbourne 1200 jersey has now been finalised. The jersey will be available for purchase during online registration at a cost of $85 each. Orders received prior to 6 October 2017 can be collected at the light check on Saturday 18 November. A subsequent order may be placed if there is adequate demand.
The jersey is short sleeve with a full zip.
Use the sizing chart and sizing tips below to ensure you order the correct size.

2017 SM1200 Jersey





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Last updated 30 July 2017

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