The first UAF format ride in SA was held on Saturday 21 May.



Official Entrants, from left to right around the table:

Claudio Pompilisedan_110521

Graham Stucley

Andrew Kennedy

Richard Scheer

Lloyd Sampson

Andrew Paine

Matt Rawnsley

David Heard








We started with 9 entrants, however only 8 started as one rider missed the start because of punctures while riding to the start.


With a weather forecast promising rain in early evening, this ride was going to prove a test of discipline in staying at the regulated pace and getting wet (possibly) rather than riding at our individual speeds and getting home before the change.


A casual 7am start and the first 15 kilometres on the northern linear bike path along the Torrens. A pretty good surface to ride, although some of the concrete slabs are a bit uneven. The only group of runners we encountered came just after someone remarked how few people were out on the path. We eventually joined Gorge Road and started the gentle climb.


The group stayed together to the start of Kangaroo Creek and regrouped at the top. After that a fairly gently ride into Birdwood (45k) for our first planned stop of the day. The new owners at Cafe Blumberg were finding their feet and in a short time we had eaten them out of most of their stock.


We had arrived in Birdwood exactly on time (9:15) and departed on time (9:45). Fantastic when evrything goes like clockwork.


A short distance into the second leg to Sedan and David had a flat tyre. It was the only flat in the group for the day. While this cost about 15 minutes on the road, we stayed on the set pace, climbing the gradual rise to Cookes Hill, then hanging on down the other side against some cross winds. We regrouped on the flats at the bottom and completed the leg to Sedan, arriving at the pub at 12:15, just 15minutes behind schedule!


{Insert a quick add for Coopers Best Extra Stout here!} A few coldies later, and a hearty pub meal for everyone saw us on our way about 1.30pm. 6hr motorcycle trial was running around Sedan, and at different times Solos/sidecars would cross our path and disappear into the hollowed out creek beds in nearby paddocks. 6hrs on a motorbike, sounds too easy!.


Andrew Paine was concerned about getting over Sedan Hill, it is never an easy climb at 7-8% steady for 2.5km. He eventually made it to the top, but was pretty well cooked by then. He wanted to pull out, I said no, we still have plenty of time (which was true). Soldiered on to Keyneton at 120k, and the thought of more hills convinced Andrew to pull out there. It was a pity because we had one more decent climb to go, then it was downhill and downwind all the way to a glorious end.


Some steep climbing around the back of Menglers, our state president began making sheep noises. Not a good sign. It was a bizarrely warm day for the middle of May with a max around 26 degrees, and thick storm clouds were a brewin'. A few spots of rain, and we abandoned our photo opp at the Menglers lookout and had our afternoon stop in Tanunda 150k.


Spent forever thying to find an Iced Coffee (the real one - farmers union) in the local foodland. Matt Rawnsley and myself wasted about 10 minutes on this. We had a long break spread across various deli's etc, and regrouped at 4.45pm to ride back to Adelaide.


70km to go, and a max of about 4 hours to do it. It was really pretty easy from there with a moderate tailwind, and we sailed in through picturesque Elizabeth, avoiding the taunts from yahoos and finishing around 7.30pm. Just beat the rain.


So 7 of 8 starters completed, Of the 7 finishers, 6 were regular member riders, and one relatively new rider to Audax, but comfortably within the group pace.


We will run a 300 at the end of the Audax year. Not one but two pub meals in a day. What could be better than that!


Thanks to everyone for participating in the inaugural UAF 200k in SA.


Footnote: Andrew Paine, our newest member, has made a full recovery, and we all look forward to a successful completion of his first 200k brevet



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