As part of Audax Australia’s investment in SPOT Trackers to improve event management and safety we have arranged a special purchase price for Audax Australia members for SPOT Gen3. This purchase is only available to Audax Australia members.

Purchase price for the SPOT Gen3 hardware: $AU160 delivered by standard parcel post in Australia or via Audax club meeting. This is about $10 cheaper than the best online price we could find in Australia.

In addition to the purchase price there is a $USD165 annual subscription fee which is paid online to the service provider. There is no discount available on the subscription fee.

You should check the specifications and product documentation to ensure the product meets your particular needs. See http://au.findmespot.com/en/index.php?cid=100 for product specifications. Audax Australia makes no endorsement or recommendation of the product. Purchase is an individual decision and you need to ensure that the SPOT Gen3 Tracker will meet your requirements.

A few product reviews:

Purchase Details

There are a limited number of units in stock as part of the initial bulk purchase. Simply pay online with credit card then send your shipping address to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and a unit will be sent to you.


The information contained here pertains to use of the Calendar Administration functions and guidelines for data fields and their use.


In the past as we didn't have enough fields some fields were used for multiple purposes, we'd like this to stop and use the appropriate field as we feed the data into Google events (and other systems).


Core Details Tab

Start Map URL{w}:
Online booking URL {w}:
Online booking Text for URL {w}:


Start Map URL

This field should contain a link (hence starts with http:// or https://) to a web page with a map or details of the start location of the ride. Typically this would be a link to google maps with the location of the ride start. An example might be https://www.google.com.au/maps/place/Madigan+St+Hackett+Shops/@-35.2490931,149.1644327,17z/data=!4m5!1m2!2m1!1sshops!3m1!1s0x0:0xbd670d3538fe7bbb

In the upcoming rides calendar shown on the left side of the main page and region pages, the Start Map icon is information.

Online Booking URL

This field contains a link (hence starts with http:// or https://) to a web page which allows riders to book into the ride. This would often be to ActiveNetworks or RegisterNow. In the upcoming rides calendar displayed on the left side of the main page and region pages, the link to Online Booking has an plus icon.

Online Booking Text for URL

If an Online Booking URL is provided it will display in the Calendar as a link with the text "Book online". The text can be changed from "Book Online" to something else if you like, but unless you need to best to leave this field empty so the booking links are consistent.

Distance Details Tab

An event may consistent of just one distance, for example 200km ride, or may have several different distance rides. For each ride distance you can provide more details about that particular option, with a description etc.

Distance Details

The Distanace Details should contain enough description to differentiate the different rides that make up part of an event. For example the 200km details may list the course and points of interest, the 300km details may comment that you leave the 200km riders at the 180km mark and then take in another valley / mountain etc. In the calendar each ride distance is displayed with the Distance Details.


For each ride you can provide a link to the route map. The route map is often created in a tool such as Ride With GPS or BikeRouteToaster, and this field should contain a link to that route. As the field contains a link it should starts with http:// or https://. In the upcoming rides calendar displayed on the left side of the main page and region pages, the link to the route map has an map go icon. In the calendar each ride distance is displayed with a Map URL link, so you can provide route for each distance.

Why This is Important

By having correct details in the correct fields we improve the data that search engines such as Google can display. As an example notice the link provided by Google in the search results below. Because "The Scamper Series" provided a PDF ride document, and linked it correctly we provided that to Google and it now displays a link to the document. The other rides had no associated documentation so we just link back to the calendar.




Insurance for Audax Australia members is provided through Cycling Australia who have full details online. Please see the section on the left of the page under "Easy Links". Audax Australia Members should at least read the Summary of Insurance and make an informed decision if the insurance meets your full requirements, noting the limits (for example maximum payment per week for loss of income).

CA notes that the success of this program in terms of sustainability and cost effectiveness will be determined by future claims history. The personal accident insurance program is designed to provide a safety net for members; those seeking additional security may be advised to consider private medical cover and income protection.

Meanwhile, CA asks that its clubs, promoters and members consider safety at all times, whether in an event, in training or riding for transport or recreation.

Public Liability

This policy provides $20 million cover for sanctioned events and 24/7 for Members while riding. It includes Professional Indemnity Insurance of $5 million for officials and volunteers when providing advice and working on events. Ride organisers may request a copy of the Certificate of Currency from the Secretary

Accident Reports

These must be done on the official form which is available from the Secretary. An insurance claim cannot be processed if there is no Accident Report.

Claim forms

Please contact Cycling Australia for claims forms, but also let the Audax Secretary know of the claim. Contact CA on 02 9339 5800 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



These are the conditions which apply when an Audax Australia Cycling Club Member (holder of a Recreational licence) wishes to purchase a Gold or Racing licence without joining a racing club. This process has been update for the 2016-17 season.

You'll need a Cycling Australia Gold Race licence if you want to:

  • Participate in road and track events conducted under the auspices of CA
  • Accumulate UCI ranking points
  • Purchase an International Licence to race overseas

To be eligible for the discount prices listed below, you must provide proof and have at least three months remaining on your primary (MTBA or BMXA or Audax Australia) membership.

To obtain a CA Gold licence as a member of Audax Australia you need to contact Cycling Australia directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone on 03 9998 6810.





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