Reach the endurance cycling market in Australia through Checkpoint magazine.


About Checkpoint

Checkpoint is the quarterly members' journal of the Audax Australia Cycling Club.

Checkpoint magazine in overview:

  • produced quarterly for distribution to our members
  • usually 52–56 pages
  • glossy full-colour cover
  • standard A4 page size (210mm × 297mm)
  • printed mostly in grescale, with four or eight colour 'highlights' pages

Who are our readers?

As at 16 August 2009, our membership was made up of 985 cyclists, with over 66% in Victoria, 21% in NSW, and the balance spread around Australia, with a handful overseas.

Gender: Approximately 76% of our membership is male.

Age: The average age of a member is approximately 49 years old.

Our members are enthusiasts who spend large amounts on their sport. In 2011, about 100 members travelled to France to participate in the Paris-Brest-Paris event.

Advertising in Checkpoint


advertising rates

Advertisers are invoiced prior to publication and receive a proof copy of the issue in which they advertise. All prices include GST.

1 Annual booking rate requires advertisements in four consecutive issues of Checkpoint
2 Artwork for full-page ads may extend to the A4 dimensions of 210mm × 297mm. A minimum 5mm margin is recommended in this case. Spaces for colour advertisements are strictly limited.



Submission deadlines remain the same each year, according to the following schedule:

IssueBookings closePublication date

25 October



25 January



25 April



25 July


Minor changes to the above schedule may occur to allow for timely reporting of major events.



Both full-colour and black & white artwork are acceptable, however please remember that the internal pages of Checkpoint are printed in greyscale.

High-quality PDF is the preferred format, but advertisements can be supplied in PDF, TIFF, JPG or EPS.

Advertising is only accepted in digital format and files should not exceed 5MB in size.

Please contact the Editor/Production Manager to book an advertisement in Checkpoint.


Checkpoint is the magazine for long distance cyclists


Subscription is included with membership of Audax Australia.


Reach the endurance cycling market in Australia! Advertising in Checkpoint is great value—see our rate card and information for advertisers for more details


Contributions are welcome from anyone on any topic related to endurance cycling.

See the guidelines for authors or contact the editor for more information.

The Team

Trevor Gosbell
Brevet Editor
Matt Rawnsley
Rides Calendar Editor
Dave Harrington
Ian Boehm
Lorraine Allen


Checkpoint is the journal of the Audax Australia Cycling Club—the magazine for long distance cyclists. It's full of informative articles, photos, ride reports, reviews, club information, and hints and tips on all aspects of endurance cycling.

Checkpoint is posted directly to members of Audax Australia four times per year in March, June, September and December. It is available to members only and is not sold in retail outlets.

Checkpoint is generally more than 52 pages (A4), printed in black-and-white inside a full-colour cover. Back issues are also available for download, one year after publication date (see below).

Advertising is available at attractive rates—a great way to reach the roughly 1000 members Australia-wide with your product or service.

Back Issues

Checkpoint is available by subscription only as part of membership of Audax Australia. Back issues are archived online 12 months after publication.

Can you help us extend the collection? Note that there are gaps in the collection from the 1980s and 1990s. If you have a copy a missing issue, please contact the editor to arrange for it to be included in the archive.



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Upcoming Rides

Sat 23 February
NSW Dee Why 104km InformationRoute MapRegistration
NSW Dee Why 200km InformationRoute MapRegistration
QLD Esk 101km Route MapRegistration
QLD Esk 201km Route MapRegistration
QLD Esk 301km Route MapRegistration
VIC Geelong 50km InformationRoute MapRegistration
VIC Geelong 100km InformationRoute MapRegistration
VIC Geelong 101km InformationRoute MapRegistration
VIC Geelong 150km InformationRoute MapRegistration
VIC Geelong 200km InformationRoute MapRegistration
VIC Geelong 300km InformationRoute MapRegistration
VIC Geelong 401km InformationRoute MapRegistration
VIC Geelong 604km InformationRoute MapRegistration
Sun 24 February
TAS Launceston 600km InformationRoute MapRegistration
Tue 26 February
QLD Regatta Ferry Stage Toowong 40km Route Map
Sat 2 March
NSW McDonalds Fox Street Wagga Wagga NSW 2650 212km Route MapRegistration
NSW Hornsby 300km InformationRoute MapRegistration
NSW McDonalds Fox Street Wagga Wagga NSW 2650 314km Route MapRegistration
NSW Hornsby 403km InformationRoute MapRegistration
NSW McDonalds Fox Street Wagga Wagga NSW 2650 422km Route MapRegistration
NSW McDonalds Fox Street Wagga Wagga NSW 2650 616km Route MapRegistration
NSW McDonalds Fox Street Wagga Wagga NSW 2650 1026km Route MapRegistration
NSW McDonalds Fox Street Wagga Wagga NSW 2650 1235km Route MapRegistration
QLD Ferny Hills 400km Route MapRegistration
SA Kingston Park 106km Route Map
SA Kingston Park 160km Route Map
SA Kingston Park 200km Route Map
SA Kingston Park 303km Route Map
TAS Hobart Cenotaph/ Intercity Cycleway 600km Route MapRegistration
VIC Tynong 61km InformationRoute MapRegistration
VIC Tynong 103km InformationRoute MapRegistration
VIC Bendigo 400km Route MapRegistration
WA South Perth Foreshore 50km Route MapRegistration
WA South Perth Foreshore 100km Route MapRegistration
WA South Perth Foreshore 200km Route MapRegistration
WA South Perth Foreshore 300km Route MapRegistration
WA South Perth Foreshore 400km Route MapRegistration
WA South Perth Foreshore 600km Route MapRegistration