The National Committee recently agreed to allow a rolling start for members wishing to achive the challenge of completing one rider per month for a twelve month period.  From 1 November 2017 you can start your challenge in any month for either the Year Round Randonneur or Petit Year Round Randonneur awards.  At the same time, and after lengthy consideration, the committee decided to change the required distance for the Petit Year Round Randonneur to 600 km and set the ride distance per month to a minimum of 50 km (any distance can be used for a monthly ride provided it is over 50 km). The Year Round Randonneur is still based on a minimum of 200 km per month and requires at least 1200 km of homologated rides over any 12 month period. All other rules remain the same and are outlined in the Awards Policy.

The attraction of the new rolling start is that members who are unable to ride for a period, for whatever their reason, can elect to commence a challenge when they think they have 12 months ahead in which they can complete at least one ride per month.

The new calendar is up and running so start planning!


It has been some time since any new life memberships have been announced. At its May meeting the National Committee endorsed the recommendation that life membership be awarded to Peter Donnan, Matt Rawnsley and Christopher Rogers. The memberships were awarded at regional meetings in Adelaide and Melbourne in the middle of the year.  The citations for each nomination follow:

Peter Donnan

Peter Donnan’s legacy membership number is 79, he has been an active member for around 30 years. Peter has served on the Vic Regional Committee for well over 5 years as Secretary and social coordinator. Peter has also served as Int. Brevet Secretary working with National to help streamline and fast track Brevet results to members, and has worked proactively with other regional calendar coordinators. As a Ride Organiser over the last 22 years, Peter has organised over 50 calendar rides and currently 2 of 2 managers 14 permanents for Victoria. Peter has provided Audax with a wealth of rides along the Great Ocean Road such as the Geelong Flyer 1000, Midnight Madness 400 and many more. Peter took control of the 2016 Great Southern Randonnee and devised a new operating model that allowed the expansion of the event from a max of 40 riders in 2012 to 130 riders in 2016. This framework has been shared with the ride director for the 2017 edition of the Sydney Melbourne. As a cyclist Peter has achieved 75000km lifetime award for BRM/LRM Brevets with no DNF’s, 3 times Woodrup Award, 21 Super Randonneur Series, 5 x Paris – Brest – Paris, Cascade 1200 in Nth America, Ultra Randonneur award plus many other accomplishments. Peter continues avail himself through providing his professional knowledge via his support of the club through Abbotsford Cycles, as well as opening his house for billeting and BBQ events for Int. riders at the finish of GSR, Geelong Flyer and Sydney – Melb.


Peter (Left) Chris (Right) at Vic Region dinner

Matthew Rawnsley

Matt Rawnsley has been a member of the Club for almost 25 years, with an active cycling history. Being the first rider to achieve the 100,000km and Ultra Randonneur awards when first released in 2012 and has continued to receive a second Ultra Randonneur and the 125000km award. Matt has achieved cyclist results with the PBP x 5, Int. Super Randonneur plus many other achievements. Matt has served on the SA Regional Committee for over 10 years and general member, treasurer, brevet secretary and now continues as national brevet role in Checkpoint. Matt has been a RO in SA for many years and has been accredited with organising a large amount of the rides prior to his medical issues. Since recovering, Matt has been focusing on developing shorter series of rides that suit him and a wider group of new members. Matt is also well known for volunteering at many larger interstate events.

Matthew receiving his award from David at SA regional gathering

Christopher Rogers

Chris has been an active member of Audax for around 20 years, his legacy membership number is 506. Chris has served as RAID Secretary for 16 years and for 6 years as general committee member and calendar coordinator on the Vic Regional Committee. During this time, Chris was instrumental in building collaboration between different regions and in developing different ride types such as Trim the Cat series run in Victoria, Sth Aust and Western Aust. Introduction of the GT Super Randonneur. Conceived and developed the Sydney – Melbourne 1200 and was Ride Director for the first edition of this event. As an ongoing Ride Organiser Chris has contributed to over 35% of the ride routes currently used in Victoria. Chris has run over 300 calendar rides and is actively managing 94 Permanents including Five Special Series and a Dirt Series. In his spare time Chris has managed to complete over 132000km for lifetime award, 4 times recipient of the Woodrup Award, 30 Super Randonneur Series, 5 Super Randonneur Series in a single season, Paris – Brest – Paris completed and to many more to list. Chris also has a long history of volunteering for the Alpine Classic, manning control points and admin tasks. Chris also acts as on call rescue for a number of events held by other Ride Organisers and typically has an open door policy for any members finishing in his hometown.


Award Applications - Single Season / Annual Awards

For the 2017-18 season ending 31-Oct-2018 single season & annual awards applications are through the website. This will dramatically reduce administration work, and should make it faster and easier to apply for awards.

Please follow this link - you will need to login to the portal using the email address and password used for the membership site. If you've forgotten that password you can reset your password.

The tool will allow you to select the brevets recorded against your name.


Award Applications - Multi-season and Lifetime Awards

Due to the number of requests and time taken to process, applications must be submitted by e-mail, no postal applications. Email to:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Applications must be typed in the electronic forms provided (Please do not print the forms and hand-write your details).

The current Awards Policy documents the individual criteria for each awards, and this is the policy that applies for applications for awards at the end of the 2017/18 season.

The new awards policy (rev 1.4.4) becomes effective for the 2018/19 season, commencing 1st November, 2018.  


Award Application Periods

For Audax Australia multi-season Ultra Randonneur or Australian Randonneur Awards you must apply by 20 November 2018.

The closure date for applications for Audax Australia single season awards or the Woodrup 5000 Award is 7 December 2018

ACP multi-season Randonneur 5000 and Randonneur 10000 Awards via the International Brevet Secretary (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) are due by 31 October, 2018. 


Award Application Forms

Forms should only be used for Lifetime, Ultra Randonneur and Woodrup 5000 awards. Single season awards please use the award application tool.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure the form is completed and complies with the Awards Policy. Applicants may be required to substantiate claims with proof.



Awards Application Process

  • For all single season awards please do not send a form, use the online award application tool.
  • For multi-season and lifetime awards, where a form is used, the form should be completed electronically. Please do not print out the form and write out your entry (it is much easier for the Awards Secretary to receive electronic copies).
  • Ensure your application complies with the Awards Policy.
  • Email form(s) to the Awards Secretary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • Upon receiving and reviewing your application form(s) the Awards Secretary will respond with an acknowledgement receipt. This is your way of ensuring your application has been received and is being processed.



But I Don't Have Word or Excel

The documents can be opened and edited in Open Office, which is available for download at no cost. Please be sure to "Save As" and choose Word or Excel formats as appropriate. The number of awards to be processed means that accepting postal applications written out by hand becomes too labour intensive.


25,000 km
Garry Armsworth
Katherine Bryant (2014)
Jim Chant (2013)
Sarah Chaplin (2014)
Mike Creati (2016)
Greg Cunningham (2014)
Pat Dorey (2015)
Ian Garrity (2014)
Barry Hahnel (2015)
Wayne Hickman (2013)
Brian Hornby (2015)
Roy Jenkins (2015)
George Judkins
Douglas Kennedy
David Kerr (2016)
Vaughan Kippers (2013)
Rodney Kruz (2016)
Pat Lehane (2016)
Peter Mathews (2014)
Hamish Moffatt (2014)
Barry Moore (2013)
Warren Page (2016)
Martin Pearson
Thomas Price (2016)
Perry Raison (2013)
Stephen Rowlands (2013)
Kerri-Ann Smith
Tim Taylor (2013)
Garry Wall (2016)
50,000 km
Garry Armsworth (2016)
Bob Bednarz
Katherine Bryant (2016)
Sarah Chaplin (2016)
Peter Curtis (2013)
Peter Donnan
Howard Dove
Peter Heal (2016)
Wayne Hickman (2015)
George Judkins (2013)
Greg Martin (2015)
Rebecca Morton
Oliver Portway
Perry Raison (2015)
Richard Scheer (2014)
75,000 km
Peter Donnan (2016)
Howard Dove
Hans Dusink
George Judkins (2016)
Tim Laugher
Rebecca Morton (2015)
Leigh Paterson
100,000 km
Howard Dove (2016)
Tim Laugher (2016)
Matthew Rawnsley
Chris Rogers (2013) 
Kevin Ware (2015)
125,000 km
Leigh Paterson (2016)
Matthew Rawnsley (2014)
150,000 km
No recipients
Listed alphabetically by surname, followed be year of award. Where no year is listed it was the innaugral award for the 2012 season.
Bob Bednarz
Jim Chant (2013)
Howard Dove (2013)
Peter Donnan
Peter Heal (2014)
David Kerr (2015)
Tim Laugher (2015)
Rebecca Morton (2014)
Leigh Paterson (2012, 2014)
Oliver Portway
Frank Preyer (2013)
Matthew Rawnsley (2012, 2014)
Chris Rogers
Tim Taylor (2015)


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