Award Applications - Single Season / Annual Awards

For the 2017-18 season ending 31-Oct-2018 single season & annual awards applications are through the website. This will dramatically reduce administration work, and should make it faster and easier to apply for awards.

Please follow this link - you will need to login to the portal using the email address and password used for the membership site. If you've forgotten that password you can reset your password.

The tool will allow you to select the brevets recorded against your name.


Award Applications - Multi-season and Lifetime Awards

Due to the number of requests and time taken to process, applications must be submitted by e-mail, no postal applications. Email to:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Applications must be typed in the electronic forms provided (Please do not print the forms and hand-write your details).

The current Awards Policy documents the individual criteria for each awards, and this is the policy that applies for applications for awards at the end of the 2017/18 season.

The new awards policy (rev 1.4.4) becomes effective for the 2018/19 season, commencing 1st November, 2018.  


Award Application Periods

For Audax Australia multi-season Ultra Randonneur or Australian Randonneur Awards you must apply by 20 November 2018.

The closure date for applications for Audax Australia single season awards or the Woodrup 5000 Award is 7 December 2018

ACP multi-season Randonneur 5000 and Randonneur 10000 Awards via the International Brevet Secretary (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) are due by 31 October, 2018. 


Award Application Forms

Forms should only be used for Lifetime, Ultra Randonneur and Woodrup 5000 awards. Single season awards please use the award application tool.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure the form is completed and complies with the Awards Policy. Applicants may be required to substantiate claims with proof.



Awards Application Process

  • For all single season awards please do not send a form, use the online award application tool.
  • For multi-season and lifetime awards, where a form is used, the form should be completed electronically. Please do not print out the form and write out your entry (it is much easier for the Awards Secretary to receive electronic copies).
  • Ensure your application complies with the Awards Policy.
  • Email form(s) to the Awards Secretary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • Upon receiving and reviewing your application form(s) the Awards Secretary will respond with an acknowledgement receipt. This is your way of ensuring your application has been received and is being processed.



But I Don't Have Word or Excel

The documents can be opened and edited in Open Office, which is available for download at no cost. Please be sure to "Save As" and choose Word or Excel formats as appropriate. The number of awards to be processed means that accepting postal applications written out by hand becomes too labour intensive.


Mark Lloyd is the club's Award Secretary. Forms should be sent to Mark who can be contacted via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. On receiving an award application the Award Secretary will acknowledge the the application wth a receipt. If you don't receive the receipt please follow up to ensure your application has been received.

Audax awards, including qualifying criteria, are documented in the Awards Policy (this revision applies for applications for awards up to the end of the 2017/18 season). 

Revision 1.4.4 of the Awards Policy has been approved by the National Committee for implementation in the 2018/19 season.

Audax Australia Badges and Awards

Riders successfully completing an Audax Australia event can purchase either an embroidered cloth patch or medallion, depending upon the distance and type of event, in recognition of their achievement. Audax Australia medallions for road rides are available for all brevet distances from 50 - 1000 km. For dirt ride events a separate series of cloth patches is available.

There are a range of cumulative awards for members and each successfully completed ride may count towards an award in each of the four Riding Award categories:

  • Single Season - defined rides
  • Single Season - cumulative distance
  • Multi Season - defined rides
  • Multi Season - cumulative distance

If you have a query about eligibilty for any awards, please contact our  Awards Secretary .

Applying for Awards

Applications for awards are all documented on the Applying for Awards page. Please check this page before you apply for awards as many awards now have an online application process and old Excel/Word documents are not needed. 

Current Awards

Single Season
Defined Rides
Single Season
Cumulative Distance
Multi Season
Defined Rides
Multi Season
Cumulative Distance
Super Randonneur Audax Australia Annual Woodrup 5000 Australian Randonneur
Super Randonneur Interstate   Ultra Randonneur  
GT Super Randonneur      
Year Round Randonneur      
Petit Year Round Randonneur      
Dirt Award      
Nouveau Randonneur      


International Awards
Australian members may also apply for awards given by Audax Club of Paris.

Historical Awards

Annual awards Multi-season awards
Nouveau Randonneur Woodrup 5000
Percy Armstrong Joseph Pearson 2000
Super Randonneur Arthur Richardson 3000
Super Randonneur Interstate Frank White 5000
GT Super Randonneur  
Sarah Maddock 500  
Irene Plowman 1000  
Year Round Randonneur  
Dirt Award  

In January this year, your National Committee approved the new Awards Policy. Members will recall that the Policy has been under consideration for some time. Draft policy was prepared by Committee Members and comments sought through Checkpoint in Spring 2010 and Regional committees; Members provided input to the Committee directly and through their State Representatives. Drafting proper commenced and the new Awards Policy was debated line by line, award by award. Many details were finalised at the Lancefield Conference in October 2011 and the finetuning done by email and teleconference after that.

The new Policy simplifies the overall structure so that there are four main riding award types – there are defined ride awards and cumulative distance awards – each available for single season awards and multi season awards.

For single season Awards requiring the completion of defined rides, the old faithfuls are there – Super Randonneur Series in the standard form, but also the Gran Turismo, and the Interstate. The new Cumulative distance Audax Australia Annual Awards will be given to recognise riding milestones from 1,000 to 10,000 km per annum – pick a target and aim high for your riding goals. The Year Round Randonneur will now be an award available on application like all others.

For multi season Awards requiring the completion of defined rides, the Woodrup 5000 continues its traditional role but the new Ultra Randonneur requires 10 Super Randonneurs and 10 rides of over 1,000 km – truly a goal for a long distance cyclist. And the new cumulative distance Australian Randonneur Award will be available to honour riders whose lifetime achievements in Audax riding range from 25,000 to 150,000 kms.

A suite of new awards will be designed and featured on our website and in a future Checkpoint.  And new application forms are being prepared.

The award application period is being split to spread the workload of our busy Awards Secretary Enid Halton. She has kindly agreed to commence accepting applications for the Ultra Randonneur and the Australian Randonneur Awards from 1 March to 1 September this year. Qualifiers will be presented with their Awards at the AGM in January next year.

Happy Riding


If I complete more than one ride in a month, will they all count toward the award?

No, only one ride per month counts. Choose the longest distance you rode, to achieve the overall target of 600km. 1,200km.

Can I skip a month and make it up later?

No, you must complete at least one 50km ride per month.

Can I enter both the YRR and PYRR in the same season?

Yes, but you can't receive both awards in the same year. For example, you may start the season with the intention of completing a YRR, but if injury, time constraints etc prevent you from accomplishing a 200km every month, but you are able to ride shorter distances. As long as you achieve what's required for the PYRR, you can use the rides from the YRR.

Will I still qualify if I only do one ride per month?

The twelve rides must also add up to at least 600km1,200km.

Can it be any twelve consecutive months?

Yes, from November 2017 you are able to start the challenge in any month, but it must be 12 consecutive months.

No, your first ride needs to be in November 2016 and your last in October 2017 - our ride calendar season.


Updated 14/2/18 with Announcement from October 2017.

We're a long distance riding club, so naturally our award structure is skewed toward the longer rides. However, statistics show that the majority of Audax Australia members just don't have either the time or capacity to ride a 200km event every month. The PYRR award has now been created with that majority in mind.

To qualify for this award you need to complete one ride of at least 50 km each calendar month from November to October, for a ride season total of not less than 1,200 km.

From 1 November 2017, you can start your challenge in any month for either the Year Round Randonneur or Petit Year Round Randonneur awards. The Petit Year Round Randonneur requires a total of at least 600 km in rides and the ride distance per month is a minimum of 50 km (any distance can be used for a monthly ride provided it is 50 km or greater). Must be 12 consecutive months.

This award encourages consistent riding throughout the year. Nine of the 12 rides required must have been completed in Australia. Riders must apply for this award. This award can be claimed once only per riding season and may not be claimed in the same season as a Year Round Randonneur.

Apart from the award itself, the design of which is still being finalised, there will be other incentives. Everyone is encouraged to register* in a group "pledge of intent". Tell us you're up for the challenge and you can follow your friends progress throughout the year through a PYRR group on Strava and on Facebook.

*voluntary only

Read more (FAQ's)

Visit the Strava PYRR Audax page

Register for the PYRR Challenge

Super Randonneur, 1000 km, 1200 km (non-PBP), Fleche Opperman, and 950 km of other road rides within four seasons

Audax Australia's highest award was instigated by Terry Gross, a past Audax Australia President and life member, as Australia's equivalent to Audax Club Parisien's Randonneur 5000 award. The award was named after Graham Woodrup.

Graham was a well known racing cyclist and Audax member who held many Australian long distance records and the world 24 hour tandem record. He also established the Murray to Moyne 24 hour ride to raise funds for local hospitals and charities.

Each recipient receives an individually engraved and numbered plaque.


No. Name Year
1 Lindsay Aitken -
2 Mark Forsyth -
3 Bob Bednarz -
4 Matt Scriven -
5 Dennis Lemke -
6 Ann Stacpoole -
7 Michael Kater -
8 John McKain -
9 Andrew Thomas -
10 Tim Laugher -
11 Mike Kappler 1997
12 Brian Hawes 1997
13 Nicky Armstrong 1997
17 Brian Hughes 1997
14 Matt Rawnsley 1998
15 Lyndon Stacy 1998
16 Lindsay Green 1998
18 Paul Shannon 1998
19 Bob Bednarz 1998
20 Phil Gallagher 1998
21 John Quinn 1998
22 Grant McLeod 1999
25 Peter Moore 1999
23 Oliver Portway 2000
24 Maria Matuszek 2000
26 Frank Preyer 2000
27 Phillipe Michael Grant 2000
28 Rod Marston 2000
29 Leigh Paterson 2001
30 Don Halton 2001
31 Alan Tonkin 2001
32 Aldo M D Vella 2001
33 John Laszczyk 2001
34 Matthew Rawnsley 2001
35 Otto Galliker 2001
36 Joy Richardson 2001
37 Greg Lansom 2001
38 Frank Mitchell 2001
39 Stephen Agnew 2002
40 Aldo M D Vella 2002
41 Colin Farmer 2002
42 Bob Bednarz 2002
43 George A Caulfield 2002
44 Matthew Rawnsley 2003
45 Oliver Portway 2003
46 John Laszczyk 2003
47 Phillipe Michael Grant 2003
48 Bob Bednarz 2004
49 Leigh Paterson 2004
50 Chris Rogers 2004
51 Richard Pinkerton 2004
52 Kevin Ware 2004
53 Pat Dorey 2005
54 Gareth Evans 2005
55 Brian Gavan 2005
56 Richard Pinkerton 2005
57 Errol Ross 2005
58 Mal Shaw 2005
59 Bob McHugh 2006
60 Rowan Burns 2007
61 Bjorn Blasse 2007
62 Richard Pinkerton 2007
63 Wayne Hickman 2007
64 Martin Haynes 2008
65 Peter Heal 2008
66 Dave Minter 2008
67 Leigh Paterson 2008
68 Leigh Paterson 2008
69 Richard Pinkerton 2008
70 Frank Preyer 2008
71 Matthew Rawnsley 2008
72 Chris Rogers 2008
73 Stephen Chambers 2008
74 Kevin Ware 2008
75 Peter Donnan 2009
76 Jim Chant 2009
77 Martin Pearson 2010
78 Howard Dove 2010
79 Tim Taylor 2010
80 Hans Dusink 2010
81 George Judkins 2010
82 Richard Scheer 2010
83 Kerri-Ann Smith 2010
84 Bob McHugh 2010
85 Pepe Ochoa 2010
86 Frank Preyer 2010
87 Leigh Paterson 2010
88 Mick Creati 2011
89 Phillip Jang 2011
90 Matthew Rawnsley 2011
91 Frank Preyer 2011
92 Chris Rogers 2011
93 Wayne Hickman 2011
94 Rus Hamilton 2011
95 Barry Moore 2011
96 Jan Erik Jensen 2011
97 Dave Harrington 2011
98 Rebecca Morton 2012
99 Howard Dove 2012
100 Jim Chant 2012
101 Peter Donnan 2012
102 Wayne Hickman 2012
103 Chris Rogers 2012
104 Leigh Paterson 2012
105 Hamish Moffatt 2012
106 Brian Hornby 2012
107 Jim Chant 2013
108 Jim Chant 2013
109 Tavis Baker 2013
110 Sarah Chaplin 2013
111 Alison McLernon 2013
112 Perry Raison 2013
113 Peter Carr 2013
114 George Judkins 2013
115 Mick Creati 2013
116 Joel Nicholson 2013
117 Tony Gillespie 2013
118 Martin Pearson 2013
119 Tim Taylor 2013
120 Tim Taylor 2013
121 Frank Preyer 2014
122 Warren Page 2014
123 Sarah Chaplin 2014
124 Sarah Chaplin 2014
125 Peter Donnan 2014
126 Leigh Paterson 2014
127 David Kerr 2014
128 Jim Chant 2014
129 Tim Taylor 2014
130 Howard Dove 2014
131 Howard Dove 2014
132 Rebecca Morton 2014
133 Mick Creati 2014
134 George Judkins 2014
135 Katherine Bryant 2014
136 Ian Garrity 2014
137 Greg Waters 2014
138 Dave Harrington 2014
139 Gerry Egan 2014
140 Perry Raison 2015
141 David Kerr 2015
142 Dave Harrington 2015
143 Peter Heal 2015
144 Wayne Hickman 2015
145 Sarah Chaplin 2015
146 Leigh Paterson 2016
147 Peter Heal 2016
148 Dave Harrington 2016
149 Thomas Price 2016
150 Howard Dove 2016
151 Roy Jenkins 2016
152 Peter Carr 2016
153 David Kerr 2016


And of course the multiple recpients:

Eight Times Recipient
Leigh Paterson 2001, 2004, 2008, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014 & 2016
Five Times Recipient 
Matt Rawnsley 1998, 2001, 2003, 2008 & 2011
Frank Preyer 2000, 2008, 2010, 2011 & 2014
Jim Chant 2009, 2012, 2013x2 & 2014
Howard Dove 2010, 2012, 2014x2 & 2016
Four Times Recipient 
Bob Bednarz - , 1998, 2002, & 2004
Chris Rogers 2004, 2008, 2011, & 2012
Richard Pinkerton 2004, 2005, 2007, & 2008
Tim Taylor 2010, 2013,2013 & 2014
Wayne Hickman 2007, 2011, 2012 & 2015
Dave Harrington 2011, 2014, 2015 & 2016
Three Times Recipient 
Sarah Chaplin 2013 & 2014x2
Peter Donnan 2009, 2012 & 2014
Mick Creati 2011, 2013 & 2014
George Judkins 2010, 2013 & 2014
Peter Heal 2008, 2015 & 2016
David Kerr 2014, 2015 & 2016
Two Times Recipient 
Aldo M D Vella 2001 & 2002
Bob McHugh 2006 & 2010
John Laszczyk 2001 & 2003
Kevin Ware 2004 & 2008
Martin Pearson 2010 & 2013
Oliver Portway 2000 & 2003
Phillipe Michael Grant 2000 & 2003
Rebecca Morton 2012 & 2014
Perry Raison 2013 & 2015
Peter Carr 2013 & 2016

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