If I complete more than one ride in a month, will they all count toward the award?

No, only one ride per month counts. Choose the longest distance you rode, to achieve the overall target of 600km. 1,200km.

Can I skip a month and make it up later?

No, you must complete at least one 50km ride per month.

Can I enter both the YRR and PYRR in the same season?

Yes, but you can't receive both awards in the same year. For example, you may start the season with the intention of completing a YRR, but if injury, time constraints etc prevent you from accomplishing a 200km every month, but you are able to ride shorter distances. As long as you achieve what's required for the PYRR, you can use the rides from the YRR.

Will I still qualify if I only do one ride per month?

The twelve rides must also add up to at least 600km1,200km.

Can it be any twelve consecutive months?

Yes, from November 2017 you are able to start the challenge in any month, but it must be 12 consecutive months.

No, your first ride needs to be in November 2016 and your last in October 2017 - our ride calendar season.



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