The National Committee recently agreed to allow a rolling start for members wishing to achive the challenge of completing one rider per month for a twelve month period.  From 1 November 2017 you can start your challenge in any month for either the Year Round Randonneur or Petit Year Round Randonneur awards.  At the same time, and after lengthy consideration, the committee decided to change the required distance for the Petit Year Round Randonneur to 600 km and set the ride distance per month to a minimum of 50 km (any distance can be used for a monthly ride provided it is over 50 km). The Year Round Randonneur is still based on a minimum of 200 km per month and requires at least 1200 km of homologated rides over any 12 month period. All other rules remain the same and are outlined in the Awards Policy.

The attraction of the new rolling start is that members who are unable to ride for a period, for whatever their reason, can elect to commence a challenge when they think they have 12 months ahead in which they can complete at least one ride per month.

The new calendar is up and running so start planning!


Upcoming Rides

Wed 18 July
ACT Fremantle 4000km Information
Sat 21 July
QLD Ferny Hills 400km Route MapRegistration
VIC Wodonga 100km Route MapRegistration
Sun 22 July
SA 23 Kinkaid Road 50km Route MapRegistration
SA 23 Kinkaid Road 100km Route MapRegistration
SA 23 Kinkaid Road 150km Route MapRegistration
SA 23 Kinkaid Road 200km Route MapRegistration
VIC Wodonga 120km Route MapRegistration
VIC Wodonga 200km Route MapRegistration
Tue 24 July
QLD Regatta Ferry Stage Toowong 40km Route Map
Wed 25 July
ACT Fremantle 4000km Information