International Cycling Awards

Randonneur 5000
The highest award from Audax Club Parisien that randonneurs can obtain is the Randonneur 5000.

The Randonneur 5000 award is a multi-season award for which riders must complete the following rides within any continuous four season period:
· a Super Randonneur series (200 km, 300 km, 400 km and 600 km rides in one season);
· a Fleche Velocio (such as the Fleche Opperman);
· a 1000 km ride;
· a Paris-Brest-Paris 1200 km ride; and

· 950 km of other Brevets des Randonneurs Mondiaux events (200 km or greater),making a total of not less than 5000 km of homologated rides.

The Randonneur 5000 (as at the end of the 2008 season) has been award 1432 times since 1961; 127 times to 102 women and 1305 times to 1088 men. Two women (Deirdre Arscott and Nicole Chabirand) have each received it 6 times while Jean-Claude Chabirand has achieved the award 8 times!

2008 was a year where for the first time more than 100 recipients received the award in one year (130) and the first time that Bulgarian and Japanese randonneurs appeared in the awards list.

In 2008 the award list included randonneurs from 11 different countries; 32 Americans of which 6 are women, 15 Frenchmen, 14 Canadians (4 women), 14 Germans (1 woman), 13 Swedes (2 women), 13 Japanese (1 woman), 10 Australians (2 women), 9 Spaniards, 5 Danes (1 woman), 4 Bulgarians and 1 Englishwoman

Members wishing to apply for the award should contact the International Brevet Secretary. Applications should be submitted in October of each year.

View the list of all Australian R5000 award recipients

International Super Randonneur
Complete each brevet of a super randonneur series (200km, 300, 400km and 600km) in a different country, no time limit. Any rider can claim the ISR, a sew-on cloth badge. Longer rides can be substituted for shorter, completing rides on different continents is recognised and backdated claims are allowed. There is no 'exclusion requirement' i.e. not using the same rides for other awards.  Four Australians have collected five of the 80 odd ISRs awarded since 1989. Administered by Audax UK for LRM, award details can be found at International Super Randonneur.

Super Randonneur (Audax Club Parisien)
200 km, 300 km, 400 km and 600 km rides in one season. No longer-for-shorter substitutions.
Badge design changes every 4 years.
View the list of Australian recipients.






Listed alphabetically by surname, followed be year of award. Where no year is listed it was the innaugral award for the 2012 season.
Bob Bednarz
Jim Chant (2013)
Howard Dove (2013)
Peter Donnan
Peter Heal (2014)
David Kerr (2015)
Tim Laugher (2015)
Rebecca Morton (2014)
Leigh Paterson (2012, 2014)
Oliver Portway
Frank Preyer (2013)
Matthew Rawnsley (2012, 2014)
Chris Rogers
Tim Taylor (2015)

Complete the Gran Turismo series: a 200km ride, a 300km ride, a 400km ride and a 600km ride within nine days.
Inaugurated in 2010 and awarded retrospectively for 2007-10.


Gerry Egan
Warren Page

Andrew Bragg (Qld)

Ben Del Fabbro (SA)

Roger Hawley (Qld)

George Judkins (Vic)

Matt Rawnsley (SA)

Michael Bentley
Paul Bertolino
Robert Branch
Johan Brinch
Ben Del Fabbro
Peter Donnan
Howard Dove
Marea England
Brian Hornby
Rebecca Morton
Matthew Rawnsley
Chris Rogers
Errol Ross
Richard Scheer
Kerri-Ann Smith

Howard Dove
Dave Harrington
Wayne Hickman
Phillip Jang
Douglas Kennedy
Rebecca Morton
Stephen Page
Warren Page
Martin Pearson
Piet van Gurp

Not run


Alan Baker
Howard Dove
Dave Harrington
George Judkins
Rebecca Morton
Pepe Ochoa
Chris Rogers

Peter Heal

This award recognises a minimum of 25,000 km in lifetime riding achievements. No time limit applies. Awards will be given for:

  • 25,000 km
  • 50,000 km
  • 75,000 km
  • 100,000 km
  • 125,000 km
  • 150,000 km
  • 175,000 km 
  • 200,000 km

Only the nominal distance of a completed ride counts towards the cumulative distance. As these awards recognise total riding achievement, all brevet types (with the exception of Brevet Raid) are accepted.

In recognition of a lifetime of randonneuring achievements, up to 50% of the kilometres claimed may have been ridden overseas as part of events homologated or recognised by RM, ACP or UAF affiliated clubs.

Riders should apply for the award distance that is currently applicable. An additional 25,000 km of homologated rides is required to apply for the next level.

Note: the onus is on the rider to prove their lifetime tally. In some cases, a rider's brevet history may go back before there were records kept by Audax Australia.





Fifty road rides without time limit. These must comprise the following:

  • 10 × Super Randonneur (200 km, 300 km, 400 km and 600 km rides in a single season)
  • 10 × rides of at least 1,000 km

In recognition of outstanding ultra randonneuring achievements over time and distance, up to 25 of the 50 required rides may have been ridden overseas as part of events homologated or recognised by RM, ACP or UAF affiliated clubs.

Consistent with the requirements for all Audax Australia awards, the rides must not have been used for similar cumulative awards given by other clubs.



  • the onus is on the rider to prove their tally. In some cases, a rider's brevet history may go back before there were records kept by Audax Australia
  • if a Super Randonneur has been achieved, but not claimed, the rides may be used towards the award providing the rider can show evidence
  • applications open 1 March - 1 September annually

Application Form Download: Word (doc)

Outstanding Members 2015 (Year of the AGM at which award is issued)

Australian Capital Territory

Russell Noble



Sandy Vigar


Western Australia

Tony Gillespie

Wayne Hickman

Alison McLernon


Outstanding Members 2014 

Gareth Evans

Helen Lew Ton

Trevor Gosbel


Outstanding Members 2013

Australian Capital Territory
Bob McHugh

Dino Morgante

South Australia
Allan Dickson
Matthew Rawnsley


George and Carol Judkins
Kevin Ware

Western Australia
Ken Dupuy
Rod Marston


Outstanding Members 2012

New South Wales
Howard Dove and Rebecca Morton

Lindsay Green
Keith Lowe
Chris Rogers
Dave Harrington
Martin and Libby Haynes
Maxine Riggs


Outstanding Members 2011

Australian Capital Territory
Greg Cunningham
Peter Heal

New South Wales
Garry Armsworth
Henry Boardman
Malcolm Rogers
Lisa Turner
Chris Walsh

Eileen Brandis
Howard Brandis

Peter Donnan
Ron McInnes
Peter Moore
Merryn Rowlands
Stephen Rowlands
Western Australia
Bjorn Blass
Don Briggs
Colin Farmer
Brian Hawes

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