Frank White 5000 (award discontinued at end of 2010-11 riding season)
Super Randonneur and 3500km of other rides within four seasons

Who was Frank White?
Frank White first came to prominence in 1898 when he set out from Perth intent upon breaking William Virgin's 6070km Perth to Brisbane record. After a transcontinental race, White pedalled right through Brisbane and reach Rockhampton just 62 days after leaving Perth. After a brief rest, he turned around and pedalled back to the west; his return journey of 14,500kms was the longest single ride in the world at that time.

Katherine Bryant
Henry De Man
Howard Dove
Ian Garrity
Ian George
George Judkins
Rebecca Morton
Fraser Rowe
Kevin Ware
Garry Armsworth
Alan William Baker
Allan Dickson
Howard Dove
David Ellis
David Hart
Greg Martin
Rebecca Mortin
Martin Pearson
Kerri-Ann Smith
Tim Taylor
Lisa Turner
Kevin Ware
Simon Watt


Randonneur 5000
The highest award from Audax Club Parisien that randonneurs can obtain is the Randonneur 5000.
The Randonneur 5000 award is a multi-season award for which riders must complete the following rides within any continuous four season period:
· a Super Randonneur series (200km, 300km, 400km and 600km rides in one season);
· a Fleche Velocio (such as the Fleche Opperman);
· a 1000km ride;
· a Paris-Brest-Paris 1200km ride; and
· 950km of other Brevets de Randonneurs Mondiaux events (200km or greater),
making a total of not less than 5000km of homologated rides.

The Randonneur 5000 (as at the end of the 2008 season) has been award 1432 times since 1961; 127 times to 102 women and 1305 times to 1088 men. Two women (Deirdre Arscott and Nicole Chabirand) have each received it 6 times while Jean-Claude Chabirand has achieved the award 8 times!

2008 was a year where for the first time more than 100 recipients received the award in one year (130) and the first time that Bulgarian and Japanese randonneurs appeared in the awards list.

In 2008 the award list included randonneurs from 11 different countries; 32 Americans of which 6 are women, 15 Frenchmen, 14 Canadians (4 women), 14 Germans (1 woman), 13 Swedes (2 women), 13 Japanese (1 woman), 10 Australians (2 women), 9 Spaniards, 5 Danes (1 woman), 4 Bulgarians and 1 Englishwoman

Members wishing to apply for the award should contact Lisa Turner, Audax Australia's ACP Correspondent.

Applications should be submitted in October of each year.

View all Australian R5000 Award recipients

New Awards Policy

In January this year, your National Committee approved the new Awards Policy. Members will recall that the Policy has been under consideration for some time. Draft policy was prepared by Committee Members and comments sought through Checkpoint in Spring 2010 and Regional committees; Members provided input to the Committee directly and through their State Representatives. Drafting proper commenced and the new Awards Policy was debated line by line, award by award. Many details were finalised at the Lancefield Conference in October 2011 and the finetuning done by email and teleconference after that.

The new Policy simplifies the overall structure so that there are four main riding award types – there are defined ride awards and cumulative distance awards – each available for single season awards and multi season awards.

For single season Awards requiring the completion of defined rides, the old faithfuls are there – Super Randonneur Series in the standard form, but also the Gran Turismo, and the Interstate. The new Cumulative distance Audax Australia Annual Awards will be given to recognise riding milestones from 1,000 to 10,000 km per annum – pick a target and aim high for your riding goals. The Year Round Randonneur will now be an award available on application like all others.

For multi season Awards requiring the completion of defined rides, the Woodrup 5000 continues its traditional role but the new Ultra Randonneur requires 10 Super Randonneurs and 10 rides of over 1,000 km – truly a goal for a long distance cyclist. And the new cumulative distance Australian Randonneur Award will be available to honour riders whose lifetime achievements in Audax riding range from 25,000 to 150,000 kms.

A suite of new awards will be designed and featured on our website and in a future Checkpoint.  And new application forms are being prepared.

The award application period is being split to spread the workload of our busy Awards Secretary Enid Halton. She has kindly agreed to commence accepting applications for the Ultra Randonneur and the Australian Randonneur Awards from 1 March to 1 September this year. Qualifiers will be presented with their Awards at the AGM in January next year.

Happy Riding


Audax Australia Badges and Awards

Riders successfully completing an Audax Australia event can purchase either an embroidered cloth patch or medallion, depending upon the distance and type of event, in recognition of their achievement.

Audax Australia cloth patches for road rides are available for brevets of 200 km or less.

For dirt ride events a separate series of cloth patches is available


There is a range of cumulative awards for members and each successfully completed ride may count towards a single annual award and a single multi-year award.

Annual awards Multi-season awards
Nouveau Randonneur Woodrup 5000
Percy Armstong Joseph Pearson 2000
Super Randonneur Arthur Richardson 3000
Super Randonneur Interstate         Frank White 5000
GT Super Randonneur
Sarah Maddock 500
Irene Plowman 1000
Year Round Randonneur
Dirt Award

The Randonneur 5000 medal has been awarded 94 times to 76 Australians – 10 women and 66 men.

The first Australians to receive the award were Tim Laugher, Neil Irvine, John Martin and Gerry Tatrai in 1989.

Australian recipients as at the end of the 2009 season are:

RAWNSLEY Matthew 1997, 2000, 2005 and 2008

LAUGHER Tim 1989, 2000 and 2006

MOORE Barry 2000, 2005 and 2008

BEDNARZ Robert 1997 and 2000

BOARDMAN Henry 2000 and 2005

CURTIS Peter 2000 and 2005

DONNAN Peter 1994 and 1998

DUSINK Hans 2000 and 2005

FARMER Colin 1992 and 1996

PATERSON Leigh 2000 and 2008

POOLE Stephen 1990 and 1994

PORTWAY Olivier 1996 and 2005

TAYLOR Sue 1992 and 2000

TEMBY Kathryn 2005 and 2008

ANDRE Jason 2000

BASSETT Craig Guy 2000

BEASLEY Gary 1996


BELLETTE Philip 1992

BENNETT Andrew 2000

BOEHM Ian 2005

BROWN Robin 1996

BURNS Rowan 2006

CAMBELL Peter 2000

CAULFIELD George ur 2006

CHANT Jim 2008

COLE Peter 1996

COLLINS Bernard 1997


DALE Nick 2009

DIXON Peter 2005

DOVE Howard 2009

EDWARDS David 2000

EGGING Marco 1997

FARMER Barbara 1996

GALLIKER Otto 2000

GRANT Philipe Michael 2005

GREEN Lindsay 1996

HALTON Donald 1997

HALTON Enid 1997

HAMILTON Russell 2008

HAYNES Martin 2007

HEAL Peter 2008

IRVINE Neil 1989

KATER Michel 1992

KENNEDY Douglas 2009

LANSOM Greg 2008

LASZCZYK John 2000

MARTIN John 1989

MATHEWS Peter 2005

MATUSZEK Maria 2001

McHUGH Bob 2008

McKAIN John 2000

MINTER Dave 2005

MOORE Peter 1994

MORTON Rebecca 2009


PEARSON Martin 2009

PREYER Frank John 2006

QUINN John 1996


ROGERS Christopher 2005

ROSE Lindsay 1994

ROWLEY Philip 1994

SMITH Kerri-Ann 2007

SORRELL Mark 1992


STACY Lyndon 1996

SURR Fred 1990

TATRAI Gerald 1989

TONKIN Alan 2000

TURNER Lisa 2008

VELLA Aldo 2000

WARE Kevin Edwin 2005

WATT Raymond 2000

WHITELEY Keith 1994

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