Rules & Forms

Provisional Rules & Guidance for 2018/19 Season

In July 2018 the National Committee approved the following “Ride Rules without Bikes & Equipment section” be accepted and appropriately disseminated for the purposes of commencing preparation for the 2018-19 Ride Calendar, and that the Ride Rules Bikes & Equipment section and associated Lighting and Reflective Garment documents be finalised once the legal advice dealing with mandatory lighting checks and potential liability issues has been received and discussed by the National Committee.

The documents in this section are to provide Ride Organisers with the necessary information for planning rides for the 2018/19 season. The summary document provides particular guidance around ride length and composition, particularly over length rides, and rides offered as BRM or BA with substantial unsealed surface. These rules are not yet in place, but are anticipated to commence 1st November, 2018.


Risk, Health & Safety

Audax Australia Risk Management Policy [PDF]

Extreme Conditions Policy (Heat) [PDF] 


Rider Rules & Information

Ride Rules [PDF]

Ride Rules for rides of multiple length options [PDF]

Fleche Opperman Rules [PDF]

Brevet UAF Rules [PDF]

Raid Rules [PDF]

Permanent Ride Rules [PDF] (update Oct 2012)

Lighting Rules [PDF]

Reflective Garment Guidelines [PDF]

Rider Information [PDF]

Request an Accident Report Form

Ride Organiser Resources

RORT (Ride Organiser's Report Tool) 10 controls [XLS] (v4.2 July 2014)

RORT (Ride Organiser's Report Tool) 20 controls [XLS] (v4.2 July 2014)

Ride Entry Form (2016 update) PDF [PDF]

Ride Entry Form (2016 update) MS Word [DOC]

Request a copy of our Certificate of Currency

Ride Organiser Guidelines

UAF Ride Guidelines

Big Rides Guide (draft November 2012)

New Club Logo Small [JPG]

New Club Logo Large [JPG]

Club Matters

Constitution [PDF]

Club Regulations (March 2013) [DOC]

Regulations - Regional Annexure [PDF Update April, 2017]

Award Policy (2012) [PDF]

Life Membership Guidelines [PDF]

Outstanding Member Awards Guidelines [PDF]

Insurance coverage for Members

Guidelines For 'Audaxifying' Non-Member Rides [PDF]

Position Descriptions: National Committee

President [PDF]

Vice President (not yet available)

Treasurer [PDF]

Secretary [PDF]

Elected Member [PDF]

State Representative [PDF]

2018 Nomination Form [PDF] [Word]

Other Position Descriptions

International Brevet Secretary [PDF]

Membership Secretary

National Calendar Co-ordinator

Regional Brevet Secretary [PDF]

UAF Brevet Secretary [PDF]