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Arthur Richardson 3000 (award discontinued at end of 2010-11 riding season)
300km, 400km and 600km rides to a minimum total distance of 3000km within four seasons

Who was Arthur Richardson?
Born in 1872 in Recife, Brazil, his family moved to Port Augusta in South Australia when he was very young. Richardson worked in agriculture and mining in Western Australia before riding from Coolgardie to Adelaide in 1896, following the Telegraph Line. He was the first to pedal across the Nullarbor, describing the heat as "1000 degrees in the shade" and judging the 24 miles of sand hills west of Madura Station as "the worst in Australasia". In February 1900, he was the first to circumnavigate Australia; the 11,500 mile ride clockwise from Perth in June 1899 was recorded in his book, Story of a Remarkable Ride. He had beaten Alex White and Donald Mackay to the record by a month. Alex White and brother Frank had started counter-clockwise in July 1899, Mackay joining them in Brisbane after mining commitments had prevented him riding with them from their Melbourne start.

Not much is known about Richardson's riding after he left Australia. After three years in the South Australian militia, he went to the Boer War as a bicycle scout or dispatch rider but left the service a few months later with a broken arm. He worked in West Africa and South America before being badly injured in World War I, spending two years in hospital. Richardson became seriously disturbed by his injuries and shot his second wife and killed himself in Scarborough, England in 1939.

More details about Arthur Richardson can be found in the Online Edition of the Australian Dictionary of Biography (or in Jim Fitzpatrick's entry in the printed version of the Australian Dictionary of Biography, Volume 11, 1988 p. 379). You can find a photo of Richardson after his Nullarbor ride on the State Library of Western Australia website.

Research by Dave Minter

See also text interview of 1900 ride by Arthur Richardson from The West Australian newspaper in National Library Archives

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