This award recognises a minimum of 25,000 km in lifetime riding achievements. No time limit applies. Awards will be given for:

  • 25,000 km
  • 50,000 km
  • 75,000 km
  • 100,000 km
  • 125,000 km
  • 150,000 km
  • 175,000 km 
  • 200,000 km

Only the nominal distance of a completed ride counts towards the cumulative distance. As these awards recognise total riding achievement, all brevet types (with the exception of Brevet Raid) are accepted.

In recognition of a lifetime of randonneuring achievements, up to 50% of the kilometres claimed may have been ridden overseas as part of events homologated or recognised by RM, ACP or UAF affiliated clubs.

Riders should apply for the award distance that is currently applicable. An additional 25,000 km of homologated rides is required to apply for the next level.

Note: the onus is on the rider to prove their lifetime tally. In some cases, a rider's brevet history may go back before there were records kept by Audax Australia.