Raid Bogong - Canberra / Melbourne (either direction) 855km within 10 days

The Raid Bogong provides a big variety in scenery, from the high alpine country in the Kosciuzko National Park to the flat farming plains of north-east Victoria. It's a medium distance Raid and while it is easier than the longer Raid Aurora, it is nonetheless recommended for those with some prior cycle touring experience.

It passes through many mountainous areas which require adequate fitness on the participants part. It also visits the delicious bakery heartland of Victoria and historic towns stepped in history such as Glenrowan of Ned Kelly the bushranger fame. If you're up to riding a minimum average of 85km per day over varied terrain and want to see a good variety of Australian scenery, this is an ideal Raid.

As this Raid passes through high alpine country, it is essential that riders be prepared for all types of weather conditions, from extreme heat to extreme cold. Temperatures along some parts of this route can exceed 40 degress centigrade during summer. Distances between services along this route, particularly in the alpine region between Cooma and Corryong, can be great. Be prepared!

Exact directions and distances are provided to registered riders.
The route travels via the following towns (distances shown from Canberra/Melbourne):

Canberra (0/851 km)
Cooma (117/734 km)
Corryong (306/545 km)
Albury (461/390 km)
Benalla (607/244 km)
Euroa (691/160 km)
Alexandra (757/94 km)
Lilydale (851/0 km).