The ever popular In Search of Hills is on once again.  Details are -


Ride Description: A hilly route throughout northern Sydney with 8 ‘good’ climbs and total vertical ascent close to 3,000 metres (for the 200km route).  A shorter 150km option is available for the time poor/sensible rider while the 250km option, first offered in 2014, is attracting a small dedicated following and adds another 500m of climbing for those who just can't get enough hills.  All are great training for the Alpine Classic.

Route details are available on RidewithGPS at

200kms RwGPS route map

150kms RwGPS route map

250kms RwGPS route map

The 150km route differs only by the exclusion of the Berowra to Mt White leg; i.e. 150km route riders turn left at 124kms and head down to Berowra Waters.

The 250km route differs fom the 200km route by adding in Cottage Point, Mooney Mooney Creek and Crosslands.

Cue sheets can be download from RwGPS.

Start Time: 6:20am (sharp) - arrive by 6:00am to collect your brevet card
Start Location: Jersey Street, Hornsby (adjacent to the TAFE entrance and a short distance north of the Hornsby railway station (western side))
Start Groups:

This is a popular ride attracting 50+ riders in its recent editions.  We will be adhering to the RMS/Police/Cycling NSW code of conduct for large cycling groups (i.e. limiting starting groups to no more than 20) and will be sending the riders off in up to three groups, five minutes apart from each other.

You will be contacted after registration to nominate your preferred start group.


Estimated Finish



150 km

250 km

Group A

Less than 9½ hrs

Less than 7½ hrs

Less than 13½ hrs

Group B

9½ to 11h15

7½ to 8 hrs

13½ to 15 hrs

Group C

More than 11h15

More than 8 hrs

More than 15 hrs

The times for the groups reflect an even distribution of previous years’ finishing times.  Do not assume that the "fast" group will go first - pick the time that you expect to finish in!
250km Extreme

Riders entering the 250km In Search of Hills Extreme have two options:

1. Maximum time limit 16hrs 40 mins

This option gives riders the longest time to successfully complete the ride.  As the maximum finish time is after sunset, riders selecting this option will be required to comply with Audax lighting and reflective garment rules. See Reflective Garments and Lighting requirements.

Successfully completed brevets will be homologated as BRMs if completed within 13h30 or BAs if completed within 16h40. 

2. Maximum time limit 13hrs 30 mins

This option requires riders to complete the brevet within daylight hours and consequently does not require riders to comply with Audax lighting and reflective garment rules.  In view of the challenging route, entrants are required however to contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and provide evidence supporting their ability to complete the brevet within the 13h30 time limit.  An entrant finishing the brevet with a time in excess of 13h30 will be recorded as HD (hors delais) i.e. outside the time limit.  


Finish Control:  Olive Bar & Grill, Florence St Mall, Hornsby
Finish Control Closes:

150km - 4:30pm (10hrs)

200km - 8:00pm (13hrs 30 minutes)

250km - Opt 1 11:10pm/Opt 2 8:00pm


For all entrants other than 250km 16h40 entrants, the ride commences after sunrise and finishes before sunset.  Audax rules therefore do not require the carrying of two sets of front and rear lights or a reflective garment. 

Please remember that Australian road rules require that in hazardous weather conditions causing reduced visibility, you must display:

(a)    a flashing or steady white light that is clearly visible for at least 200 metres from the front of the bicycle; and

(b)    a flashing or steady red light that is clearly visible for at least 200 metres from the rear of the bicycle; and

(c)    a red reflector that is clearly visible for at least 50 metres from the rear of the bicycle when light is projected onto it by a vehicle’s headlight on low-beam.

Control Locations:

150km - Church Point  44kms, St Ives  99kms and Arcadia 141kms

200km - Church Point  44kms, St Ives  99kms, Mt White 151kms and Arcadia 191kms

250km - Church Point  44kms, Cottage Point 87kms, St Ives 104kms, Mooney Mooney Creek 170kms, Arcadia 224kms and Crosslands 242kms

Food & Water:

Food and water is available for purchase at controls as well as other points along the route.  Free water available at several points on the route.

Entry Fees: 

Audax or Cycling Australia members $6 (please bring your membership card/copy of renewal)

Non-members $16 (includes a $10 temporary membership surcharge).


Enter online here

Paper forms and entries on the day will not be accepted.  Online entries close at 9am on Saturday 9 December.

If you enter and need to cancel, a refund will be issued provided you advise me before the start of the ride.


Garry Armsworth

Ride Organiser

(email the ride organiser)


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