Audax NSW permanent routes have been migrated to the online permanent system.

To view the list of available routes, log into the Audax Portal and select Rides, Permanents Search.

Once you have selected a permanent, you will need to:

  • contact the organiser at least a week in advance nominating the route and date you intend to ride the Permanent
  • once you've received approval from the organiser, enter and pay online via the Audax Portal, under Rides, Permanents Register
  • a printable brevet will be emailed to you with confirmation of your entry. Print, fold and carry your brevet on the ride and get it signed you as you would on a calendared ride.
  • once you've completed the ride, upload images of both sides your brevet (via the link in your confirmation email) for validation by the organiser and subsequent homologation by the NSW Brevet Secretary
  • a homologation number will be emailed to you and, if you selected the option to receive a homologation sticker, it will be posted to you in due course.

More information about online permanents is available in the online help.

NSW Upcoming Rides

Thu 1 March
Orchard Tavern, Chatswood 0km 
Sat 3 March
Parkes NSW 100km Route MapRegistration
1 Palm Court, Woodbine 112km InformationRoute MapRegistration
Parkes NSW 150km Route MapRegistration
Parkes NSW 200km Route MapRegistration
1 Palm Court, Woodbine 202km InformationRoute MapRegistration
Parkes NSW 300km Route MapRegistration
Parkes NSW 400km Route MapRegistration
Parkes NSW 600km Route MapRegistration
Sun 4 March
Parkes, NSW 50km Route MapRegistration
Parkes, NSW 100km Route MapRegistration
Parkes, NSW 150km Route MapRegistration
Parkes, NSW 200km Route MapRegistration
Parkes, NSW 300km Route MapRegistration
Sat 17 March
Dee Why 200km Route Map