Raid Rules

Rule 1 - Route cards

Riders must carry their route card with them at all times. Riders must have it stamped at the locations shown on their route directions. If no stamp is available, riders should have an independant person sign and date the card.

Rule 2 - Night Riding

Participants must not ride during darkness. Participants riding between sunset and sunrise will not have their achievement recognised and will be considered to be no longer taking part in the Raid event.

Rule 3 - Support and Route

If a rider leaves the route specified by the club at any time, they must rejoin it where they left it to proceed. Riders can use any facilities along the route. A rider may arrange for another person to provide the rider with private support during the Raid and may receive support from that person at only one place each day. Vehicles must not "shadow" participants. In case of emergency, any necessary assistance should be given.

Rule 4 - Ratification

Upon completion of the Raid, riders must return their route card within 14 days to the club for it to be recognised. Only correctly completed route cards will be recognised.

Rule 5 - Entry

Raids can be ridden anytime during their respective open season, and in either direction. Riders must nominate their starting date and place on the entry form. Payment must accompany the entry. A cancellation fee may be applied to riders whose route card and route directions have already been sent.