What is a Raid?
A Raid is a personal challenge, combining a scenic route set by the Club with a time limit in which to complete the route.

How do they work?

You select a Raid route that appeals to you and that suits your ability, then fill in an entry form and send it in. Route instructions and a brevet card are mailed to you. You follow the route and along the way you obtain stamps on your brevet card, where indicated. Upon completion, you return the route card and the Club recognises your achievement and issues you with a unique Finisher number and adds you to the Finishers List.

Where do I get the route card stamped?
You need to get your route card stamped at certain towns (checkpoints) along the way. These towns will be specified in your route instructions. You can do it anywhere within the town, such as a petrol station, post office or your campground/motel. You need to get the date recorded too.

How much does it cost?
The prices vary between Raids. The standard entry fee is $25, with a surcharge for non-members of the club to cover temporary insurance. There are also optional extra's, such as a souvenir plaques for finishers. The Raid Tasmania also requires the purchase of one guide book per group, in addition to the standard entry fee.

When can I ride a Raid?
You can choose a departure date to suit yourself, anytime within the Raid season shown in the Directory.

How far do I have to ride each day?
It's up to you. So long as you cover the total distance within the total time limit you're a finisher. On average, expect to ride between 80 - 100km per day (40km for Raid Tasmania, which is off-road).

What is the time limit?
The time limit is different for each Raid, and is specified on the web page for each Raid. As the Raids are designed to be a holiday, the time limits are quite generous and can be achieved by the majority of fit touring cyclists.

Can I have a rest day during the Raid?
Yes. You can have as many rest days as you like between starting and finishing, but remember you will need to ride extra distance every other day to ensure you finish within the time limit.

How many people will I be riding with?
Raids are ridden solo, in couples or groups - it's your choice.

What role does the Audax Club play?
The Club merely provides registered riders with the route directions and a route card on which to obtain stamps along the way. The Club does not organise support of any kind, and riders should consider themselves on a private excursion. On completion, the Club provides recognition to those who successfully complete the Raid under the Club's rules.

Are all the roads sealed?
Yes, they are all sealed, except of course on the Raid Tasmania which is designed for mountain bike riders.

Can my family/friends follow me in a car?
Whilst riders are not permitted to have a car driving with them as they ride, they can receive any type of private support once per day. Raids are designed to be a personal challenge. To have constant support along the route would defeat this purpose. So you're free to see your family/friends for lunch, or nightly at your accommodation spot.

Are there any prizes?
The entire Audax Club spirit is based on testing oneself to achieve a personal goal. There are no prizes. You can, however, purchase a souvenir plaque with your Raid details personally engraved to commemorate your achievement. Your brevet card, after being recorded, is also returned to you with an individually numbered brevet sticker. A certificate is also available.

You should choose your Raid based on the information provided, the terrain that you will be passing through, your fitness and previous experience, and your own research.