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Audax NSW Secretary

It is with great sadness that I inform you of the passing of an Audax legend, one of our Life members and cycling ambassador - Peter Moore.

The club has lost one of our most admired members and our thoughts at this sad time are with Jan and Peter’s extended family.

I am sure those in the club touched by Peter’s kindness and wisdom will be saddened by this news. Peter set the benchmark as an Audax cyclist, a mentor, and above all a true gentleman.

Peter was a man who above all else and despite his milestones, always made time for and was humbled when someone asked him for advice. We can only but hope that his legacy of enabling others to achieve is a standard continued by fellow members and others in the cycling community.

At this sad time it's hard to pay tribute to Peter however I feel compelled to share with you the words contained in his life membership citation awarded in 2012. I feel that this only highlights his club achievement and it only touches the surface of his most endearing attributes, that of his warmth and kindness to fellow riders and cyclists.

Peter Moore's Lifetime Citation of 2012 -

Audax Australia Cycling Club has great pleasure in awarding Peter Moore Life Membership for his outstanding contributions to the Club over many years.
The Audax Australia National President, sends best wishes and is sorry not to be able to be here to present this award in person.

However, it’s has noted that, wherever he is in the cycling world, Peter is surrounded by long term friends and admirers – an inspiration to all.

The criteria considered when awarding life membership are:

  • the member’s length of active membership
  • the positions held by that member and for how long
  • their history of organising rides
  • their history of active riding, and
  • finally, their other areas of service to Audax Australia

Life Membership is an honour not often bestowed, and in this case, the evidence of Peter’s merit is unquestionable.
Peter has been an active club member since at least 1991 when he rode his first PBP qualifying ride.
As Victorian and National Calendar Co-ordinator for four years between 1994 and 1998, Peter oversaw a huge expansion in the number of rides on the Audax calendar and introduced many innovations that are still the basis of our calendar today.

  • In 1994 the calendar was state based, with the Victorian Calendar consisting of about 50 rides, or enough to fill 3 sheets of A4 paper.
  • In 1995 Peter created a national calendar which included all states and totalled about 125 rides.
  • By 1997-98 the calendar had grown to almost 230 rides and was almost four times the size of the 1994 calendar. Peter promoted this growth by looking for vacancies and encouraging both old and new ride organisers to fill the gaps.
  • In 1997–98 Peter supported the introduction of the Dirt Series for mountain bikes and organised the first edition of an online calendar.

Early Audax Calendars are littered with innovative rides organised by Peter, including:

  • 1992 – Divide Dalliance 200 km, a Sunday ride
  • 1994 – Melbourne Bikepaths 50/100/200 km, first Melbourne ride on bike paths
  • 1995 – Higher and Higher 100 km, first pre-Alpine Classic training ride
  • 1999 – Southern Aurora Sydney to Melbourne 1,000 km, pre-dating the recent Sydney to Melbourne 1,200 km by 10 years
  • 2009 – 5 To 9 Beats A Day At Work 400 km, Peter's contribution to a super series in a week

However, Peter is best known for his vision, creation and organisation of the internationally renowned Great Southern Randonnée, with multi-distance rides from 300 –1,200 km. This ride features a classic route around the Bellarine Peninsula, then travels along the Great Ocean Road to the Grampians and back. Peter organised the GSR first in 1998, then again in 2001, 2004 and 2008.

In 1998 a small field of about 15 finished the 1,200, 1,000 and 600 km distances. One of Peter's innovations was that all the rides were co-ordinated to finish together, so each distance started at a different time. There was a rather high DNF rate though due to it snowing on Lavers Hill! But it was the start of something big.

By the 4th edition of the GSR in 2008, the number of finishers had swelled to over 50, including7 internationals. At the time, this ride set the gold standard for 1,200 km rides in Australia due to the scenic route and excellent support (and for once, good weather!). Peter is held in such high esteem that the ride attracted the best available support volunteers that Audax Victoria had to offer, and was showcased to the world via the humorous live blog run by Simon Watt from Port Campbell. The 2008 GSR presented Audax Australia in a favourable light on the world randonneuring stage. There are many excellent ride reports on the 4th GSR and it received rave reviews from the internationals, ensuring a large contingent from the Northern Hemisphere for the 2012 edition.

Peter is renowned throughout the club as a six time ancien of Paris-Brest-Paris: since 1991 he’s been at every running of the randonneuring world’s oldest and best known 1200 kilometre event. In 2011, twenty years on from his first PBP, Peter finished within 40 minutes of his time in 1991.

Among his long-distance achievements, Peter has completed 1,000 km (or longer) brevets including Perth-Albany- Perth (inaugural ride in 1992), Sydney-Melbourne 1,000 km, London-Edinburgh- London and Vancouver Island 1,000. In 1992, he was a finisher in the first Australian 1,200 km ride.

Other riding achievements include 10 completions of the 200 km Audax Alpine Classic, numerous Fleche Oppeman All Day Trials and all those superseries needed to qualify for PBP.

Peter is proprietor of the iconic Abbotsford Cycles shop in Richmond. His knowledge of cycling is immense, and he is always willing to share. He is a frequent contributor to Checkpoint and his talks at Victorian Club Nights are a highlight – if you want to finish PBP, listen to Peter. Peter provides his shop free of charge for after hours Audax purposes, and for the last 8 years it has been home to every Alpine Classic and Checkpoint mailout and available for numerous Audax meetings. In addition, Abbotsford Cycles offers a discount to Audax members, and the shop supports the Alpine Classic with a presence in Bright every year. Abbotsford Cycles has always advertised in Audax publications, as a quick glance at copies of Checkpoint and the Rides Calendar will confirm.

Peter's role as a mentor in Audax should not be under underestimated, whether it be advice on lighting systems, ride organisation or even club history.
For example, every PBP year he gives a talk at the Victorian PBP Club Night, passing on his knowledge and experience to newcomers.
In 1995, Peter organised a pre-PBP training camp in Normandy, booking the accommodation and obtaining information about permanent 200 km routes that were available via Audax UK. All 16 who attended this pre-PBP training camp successfully completed PBP, and one of those who attended first met his wife there.

Peter has “Moore” than fulfilled the stringent requirements required of a Life Member. Please join us in congratulating him.

Ride In Peace Peter Moore

Audax Australian President
Garry Wall

The Annual General Meeting of the Audax Australia Cycling Club Inc will be held at 8pm (Australian Eastern Daylight Time) on Thursday 7th of February 2019. The AGM will be hosted by an online teleconference facility. In nominated cities a room will be provided. To attend the AGM you must register online to allow planning of rooms and provision of services. Members who have registered will receive details of locations and access via email before the meeting.

Election of National Committee

At the close of the extended nomination period exactly one nomination has been received for each position, as such the nominee will be confirmed (without ballot) at the AGM. 

Notice of Special Resolution

In addition to the ordinary business of the AGM, Members will be asked to approve as a special resolution: "New Constitution: That Audax Australia Cycling Club Inc replace the existing Constitution of Audax Australia Cycling Club Inc with the new Audax Australia Cycling Club Inc Constitution attached to this notice of meeting, with the adoption of the new Constitution to take effect from such date as Consumer Affairs Victoria approves the new Constitution.”

Attachments for the Special Resolution include the proposed new constitution and a Notice of Special Resolution which includes a summary of changes, justifications and declaration of support by the national committee for the change. Please read the Notice of Special Resolution for more information and note that questions regarding the constitution changes should be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Agenda and Attachments

The agenda for the meeting below forms part of this notice. Other attachments will be made available to members through the AGM notice on the Audax Website.

Proxy Votes

Authority to vote by proxy may be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. They must be sent by email from the email address your Audax Australia membership is linked to. In the email you must specify the name and member number of the person who you authorise to vote on your behalf, or nominate that the chairperson of the meeting is your proxy. Proxy nominations must be received by 1 February 2019.

The text of the proxy email must contain:

I, (name) member (member number) being a financial member of Audax Australia Cycling Club Inc. appoint the chairperson of the meeting as my proxy to vote for me on my behalf at the annual general meeting of the Club to be held on 7 February 2019.   


I, (name) member (member number) being a financial member of Audax Australia Cycling Club Inc. appoint (name of nominee) member (member number of nominee) being a financial member of the Club as my proxy to vote for me on my behalf at the annual general meeting of the Club to be held on 7 February 2019.

Russell Noble


  1. Attendance and Apologies
  2. Confirmation of Agenda
  3. Minutes of Previous Meeting
  4. President's Report
  5. Treasurer's Report
  6. Special Resolution: New Constitution
  7. Election of Office bearers and Committee Members for 2019
  8. General Business
  9. Presentation of awards for service to Audax Australia
  10. Announcement and presentation of Cycling Awards
  11. Other business
  12. Meeting Close

As part of the commitment we made to simplifying and reducing administration burden we are now making available to all ride organisers the new Online RORT tool which is used to submit ride results. Online RORT tool replaces the RORT Spreadsheet which has been used to submit results for many years.

The Online RORT tool dramatically reduces the workload of brevet secretaries by removing unnecessary re-entry of data, copy and pasting and manual processes. Our testing over the past months has found that for Ride Organisers and Brevet Secretaries it reduces work. For riders it delivers faster notification of their homologations.
The tool should now be used for all rides, and we will no longer process results from Excel RORT Spreadsheets.
You can access documentation for the tool in the Ride Organisers menu when you are logged in. This is a direct link to the documentation:  In the documentation you'll also find links to videos which demonstrate the tool. At the bottom of the documentation is a Frequently Asked Questions section.
The tool is still evolving, it has limitations and we're still fixing bugs but the overwhelming response has been positive. If you find bugs or need assistance please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
The rides you run are the core of the club and we trust and hope that this new tool will make Audax administration just a little bit easier for you.

The start of the new riding year brings a number of changes to Audax Australia arrangements:

  • Simplified and consolidated Ride Rules bring all rules about our rides into one document

  • New Safety Recommendations set out lighting and visibility standards riders are strongly urged to meet

  • New Terms and Conditions of ride entry ensure legal responsibilities and liabilities are clear

  • All registrations will be online – no more paper or cash exchanges. 

We’ve consolidated all our Ride Rules into the one document. No more hunting for each and every detail for all our ride types – international or Australian-grown varieties. The new document provides easy to follow text and simple charts. 

The differences between Brevet Randonneur Mondiaux, Brevet Gravel and Brevet Australia rides have been polished up so time limits and amount of unsealed road allowable are clear.  BRMs are traditional road rides with a minimum of unsealed surfaces and stricter length restraints. Brevet Australia rides provide flexibility for both length and proportion of unsealed road surface.  And Brevet Gravels must be over 40% unsealed road. See the original document in its entirety for the full picture.

Other changes are to remove the mandatory lighting check. Instead, riders will be required and expected to apply the Road Rules and to review our new [hyperlink to] Audax Australia Safety Recommendations for lighting and visibility which they are strongly urged to meet.

Audax Australia strongly believes in a safety culture. To be bright is to be seen.  Riders must take responsible for their visibility throughout the ride. The road rules require riders to have lights clearly visible for at least 200 metres and rear reflector clearly visible for at least 50 metres at night and in low light. Riders will be disqualified for riding without lighting when they should be used.

For safety’s sake, Audax Australia strongly recommends all riders have additional front and rear lights – using multiple rear lights is really important for visibility – and carry extra batteries or other power sources.  Extensive reflective material and hi-vis daytime colours greatly increase road users’ visibility at night and in the day. Check out the info in our Safety Recommendations…

Are you wearing the hi-vis reflective anklets provided to all current and new Members?

You can access our new Ride Rules and Safety Recommendations on our Website and using these links:

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