The 2015 calendar is finalised and online as either PDF File or Excel compatible.

For the 2015 season we will not be producing a printed calendar booklet, instead we will be making two versions of the calendar available for download.

The traditional calendar booklet has been produced entirely as a PDF file for download. PDF can be displayed on computers, tablets and handheld devices, is searchable and still preserves the look, feel and formatting of the traditional document. The whole document can be printed, or selectively just sections or pages of interest.

Additionally the data will be provided in a spreadsheet compatible format. This allows for viewing in applications such as Excel or OpenOffice, but is easier for filtering and searching (ie. when is the next 600 prior to the end of qualifying period of PBP).


In making this decision the National Committee sought feedback from the Audax regions, and considered a number of factors;

  • The currency of the data - the printed copy of the calendar quickly became out of date and riders always need to check the online version of the calendar for the most up to date information anyway.
  • How the printed calendar was being used both by members and by the club as a promotional tool in providing it to bicycle shops.
  • Feedback from members who used the PDF in the 2013-14 season and found it more useful than a printed copy.
  • Reducing our overall paper consumption.
  • Printing costs - there's an obvious reduction in printing costs however we will still have publishing/layout fees to produce the PDF. This was actually not a major consideration but it should be noted that whilst membership fees have remained reasonably static ($10 increase since 2008, if you pay 3 years up front it's been only a $5 annual increase since 2008) our costs, such as affiliation fees with Cycling Australia which provides our insurance, have increased.

We recognised the calendar booklet was dropped off to bicycle shops and provided a valuable role in promotional activities. To replace this the National Committee will provide to regions;

  • A smaller pamphlet designed to promote Audax Australia to cyclists who may not be aware of the club.
  • Posters which can be easily customised by regions to promote local rides and events. These will be designed for shop-front window placement.