2017 Sydney-Melbourne Alpine 1200: 19-22 November


You’re invited to be part of the third edition of this classic randonnee, which starts on the foreshores of Sydney Harbour and finishes in downtown Melbourne. Along the way you’ll ride through Australia’s national capital and traverse the Snowy Mountains, Australia’s alpine range.

Entries will be opening in the next couple of weeks. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you want to be added to the interested rider list and be notified when entries open.

The standard checkpoint closure times have been altered to allow riders additional time to complete the mountainous section of the course. This will allow riders to get more sleep early in the ride and hopefully enable them to complete the entire event as a result. Standard closure times (based on 15km/h) will apply for the first 450km (30 hours), which takes riders through the first overnight stop in Canberra to the base of the Snowy Mountains. The remaining checkpoint closure times will be calculated based on an average of 12.5km/h (60 hours), with riders needing to reach the finish in Melbourne by midnight on Wednesday 22 November.

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Last updated: 17 August 2017

Upcoming Rides

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