Launch date 01 November 2016

We're a long distance riding club, so naturally our award structure is skewed toward the longer rides. However, statistics show that the majority of Audax Australia members just don't have either the time or capacity to ride a 200km event every month. The PYRR award has now been created with that majority in mind.

To qualify for this award you need to complete one ride of at least 50 km each calendar month from November to October, for a ride season total of not less than 1,200 km. This award encourages consistent riding throughout the year. Nine of the 12 rides required must have been completed in Australia. Riders must apply for this award. This award can be claimed once only per riding season and may not be claimed in the same season as a Year Round Randonneur.

Apart from the award itself, the design of which is still being finalised, there will be other incentives. Everyone is encouraged to register* in a group "pledge of intent". Tell us you're up for the challenge and you can follow your friends progress throughout the year through a PYRR group on Strava and on Facebook.

*voluntary only

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Upcoming Rides

Fri 19 January
SA Norwood 138km Route MapRegistration
SA Norwood 200km Route MapRegistration
Sat 20 January
NSW Hornsby 100km InformationRoute MapRegistration
NSW Hornsby 150km InformationRoute MapRegistration
NSW Hornsby 200km InformationRoute MapRegistration
QLD Anzac Park, Toowong 50km Route MapRegistration
TAS Hobart Cenotaph/ Intercity Cycleway 300km Route MapRegistration
VIC The Basin 100km Route MapRegistration
WA East Perth Train Station 200km Route MapRegistration
WA East Perth Train Station 300km Route MapRegistration
Sun 21 January
VIC Kernot 50km Route MapRegistration
VIC Kernot 100km Route MapRegistration
VIC Kernot 150km Route MapRegistration
VIC Kernot 150km Route MapRegistration
VIC Kernot 200km Route MapRegistration
Mon 22 January
VIC Bright 62km Route MapRegistration
VIC Bright 110km Route MapRegistration
VIC Bright 163km Route MapRegistration
Tue 23 January
VIC Bright 50km Route MapRegistration
VIC Bright 107km Route MapRegistration
VIC Bright 158km Route MapRegistration
Wed 24 January
VIC Bright 51km Route MapRegistration
VIC Bright 99km Route MapRegistration
VIC Bright 153km Route MapRegistration