Insurance for Audax Australia members is provided through Cycling Australia who have full details online. Please see the section on the left of the page under "Easy Links". Audax Australia Members should at least read the Summary of Insurance and make an informed decision if the insurance meets your full requirements, noting the limits (for example maximum payment per week for loss of income).

CA notes that the success of this program in terms of sustainability and cost effectiveness will be determined by future claims history. The personal accident insurance program is designed to provide a safety net for members; those seeking additional security may be advised to consider private medical cover and income protection.

Meanwhile, CA asks that its clubs, promoters and members consider safety at all times, whether in an event, in training or riding for transport or recreation.

Public Liability

This policy provides $20 million cover for sanctioned events and 24/7 for Members while riding. It includes Professional Indemnity Insurance of $5 million for officials and volunteers when providing advice and working on events. Ride organisers may request a copy of the Certificate of Currency from the Secretary

Accident Reports

These must be done on the official form which is available from the Secretary. An insurance claim cannot be processed if there is no Accident Report.

Claim forms

Please contact Cycling Australia for claims forms, but also let the Audax Secretary know of the claim. Contact CA on 02 9339 5800 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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