Fleche Opperman

Year Distance Team Region
2014 730 km Chris Munro, Craig Fry, Trevor Junge Victoria
2013 573 km Kevin Piercy, Rob Zwierlein, Malcolm Mayer Victoria
2012 671 km Guido Gadomsky, Perry Raison, Daniel Rock Western Australia
2011 587 km Nick Dale, Colin Law, Daniel Rock, Perry Raison Western Australia
2010 601 km Nick Dale, Colin Law, Diva Gangashan, Perry Raison Western Australia
2009 605 km Nick Dale, Colin Law, Andrew Bragg Western Australia
2008 622 km Nick Dale, Ross Stevens, Colin Law, Eamonn McCloskey Western Australia
2007 439 km Ray Stenhouse, Glenn Ross, Alex Ross, Peter Butler, Heather Pearce New South Wales
2006 ~~ No Oppy conducted in 2006 due to the change in timing from Spring to Autumn ~~
2005 415 km Kevin Ware, Ian de Bruyne, Wayne Ward, Chris Rogers, Mal Shaw Victoria
2004 550 km Darryl Edwards, Gary Coombes, Rex Habel, Chris West, Phillip O'Toole, Graeme Burchell Victoria
2003 530 km O Portway, M Rawnsley, H Johnstone South Australia
2002 405 km G Barnes, P O'Dwyer, M Cook, B Magee Victoria
2001 536 km G Burchell, D Edwards, R Tredennick, A Northey Victoria
2000 420 km D Dawkins, A Jones, A Boulton, A Korab Victoria
1999 461 km M Sullivan, E Paech, G Horne, D Schillabeer, D Sommerville Victoria
1998 622 km T Anderson, H Boardman, D Cunynghame, T Ring, A Vella New South Wales
1997 553 km D Lemke, R Kenna, K Dacomb, P O'Toole, D Edwards Victoria
1996 551 km (tie) N Armstrong, B Hawes, B Rutherford
D Eason, C Jarome, A Chambers, S Carey, S Donaghue
Western Australia
1995 500 km M Rogers, M Burgess, J Page, I Spence, G Leahey New South Wales
1994 617 km P Cole, R Brown, M Scriven Victoria
1993 770 km (record) M Hastie, G Green, N Skewes, D McKean Victoria
1992 655 km M Hastie, S Hardy, N Skewes, G Green Victoria
1991 536 km M Hastie, S Hardy, R Schenfelder Victoria
1990 510 km A Stubkey, R Moore, N Irvine New South Wales
1989 636 km B Hawes, T Allen, E Evens Western Australia

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