Frequently Asked Questions

You can also download this FAQ document if you wish.

Q: When will the Great Southern Randonnee (GSR) be held?

The 6th edition of the Great Southern Randonnée (GSR) will be held during the week from Sunday 13th November to Friday 18th November 2016.

Q: What distances will be offered?

Distances of 1200 Km, 1000 Km, 300 Km & 200 Km will be offered.

Q: Where does the ride start and finish?

The ride starts and finishes from the picturesque seaside village of Anglesea on the Great Ocean Road, 115 Km SW of Melbourne.

Q: What is unique about the GSR?

  • Billets with local cyclists are offered to international and interstate entrants.  Some great randonneur friendships have been formed over the years from this arrangement.

  • Variable start times (evening 1200 Km or morning 1000 Km/1200 Km) are being offered to suit the preference of the rider.

  • Distances are almost spot on for the 1000 Km & 1200 Km options, no gratuitous over distance kilometres here!

  • If for whatever reason you have to withdraw from the 1000 Km or 1200 Km rides along the way, a second chance is available via a 300 Km brevet from Port Fairy, and/or a 200 Km brevet from Anglesea.  These options are included in the 1000 Km/1200 Km entry fee at no extra cost.

  • And of course, the scenery along the Great Ocean Road and through the Grampians is spectacular.

Q: What has changed since the last edition of the GSR in 2012?

  • 400 Km & 600 Km distances have been dropped.

  • Qualifying rides have been introduced for the 1000 Km/1200 Km distance.  Variable weather conditions can make this a tough ride!  Refer ‘Is there a qualifying process’ question.

  • Variable start times (evening 1200 Km or morning 1000 Km/1200 Km) are being offered to suit the preference of the rider.

  • Some minor changes to the route:

    • Bellarine Peninsula loop is now 200 Km

    • Halls Gap to Moyston has been replaced by a Halls Gap to Stawell loop for better access to shops

    • Outward journey along the Great Ocean Road to Port Fairy follows the inland route via Timboon, the return journey goes along the complete Great Ocean Road via Warrnambool.

Q: Why are there multiple start times?

Multiple start times (1200 Km 6:00 PM Sunday 13/11, 1000 Km/1200 Km 4:00 AM, 5:00 AM, 6:00 AM or 7:00 AM Monday 14/11, maximum 30 riders per start) have been introduced to:

  • Offer riders their preference of start time

  • More fully comply with Victorian road rules regarding the running of cycling events

  • Spread the load at checkpoints to assist volunteers and the availability of beds

Q: Can I swap start times?

You will be able to swap start times up until the event, provided the maximum 30 riders per start has not been exceeded.

Q: Is there a qualifying process?

Qualifying rides will apply for those entering the 1000 Km & 1200 Km distances.  Either a 1000 Km or greater ride (including PBP) in the 2014-15 Audax year (November 1 2014 to October 31 2015), or a 600 Km or greater ride in the 2015-16 Audax year until August 31st 2016.

Q: Where can I look at the route?

Draft routes are available at  These routes are not expected to change, but cue sheet entries will be updated and the exact location of a couple of checkpoint is still to be determined.

Q: Do I have to be a member of Audax Australia to enter the event?

Non Audax Australia members can enter the GSR, but need to pay a $10 temporary membership fee to cover insurance with Cycling Australia.

Q: When will entries open?

Entries are expected to open in March using a new Audax Australia entry system.

Q: Is there an advantage to early entry?

Early entry will guarantee your place and preferred start time.

Q: How do I get to the start in Anglesea?

  • If you drive, non secure (but off street) parking is available during the event

  • A bus & bike trailer (with limited capacity) will depart central Melbourne on 13/11 before the ride and return after the ride on 18/11.  Additional cost, will be offered when entering.

  • Volunteers will also be available to shuttle participants to the start

  • Trains with bike carrying facilities run between Melbourne and Geelong (about 30 kms from the start) and beyond:
    Melbourne to Warrnambool Train Timetable
    Melbourne to Geelong Train Timetable

  • For the keen, you can cycle from Melbourne to Anglesea (we can provide some suggested routes)

Q: Will there be any pre/post ride accommodation at the start/finish?

Pre and post ride accommodation (13/11 & 17/11) at the start/finish will be offered (at extra cost) when entering.  Accommodation will be in very comfortable cabins at the Anglesea BIG4 Holiday Park.

Q: Will there be an event jersey?

An event jersey will be available to order in early September.

Q: What do I have to do before the event?

  • Complete a qualifying ride (if not done already)

  • Decide what distance/start time you will be entering

  • Decide if you want pre/post ride accommodation

  • Decide if you want to attend the pre-ride dinner and/or the post ride breakfast

  • Decide how you will be getting to the start

  • Enter (includes full payment)

  • Order an event jersey if desired

Q: Will there be a bag drop service?

You can have up to 3 drop bags, one at each sleep control at the start/finish (Anglesea), Port Fairy and Hamilton.  As always, riders are asked to minimize the size of their drop bags.  A sleeping bag is not required, but a spare towel may come in handy.  Bike boxes can be left at the start at Anglesea.

Q: What are the lighting requirements?

Lights will be checked before the event.  Refer and

Q: What do I have to do when I arrive at the event?

  • Get an allocated bed, if pre-ride accommodation has been ordered

  • Get your light and safety check done, and pick up your brevet card, ride documentation and event polo/t shirt

  • Leave drop bags

  • Attend the pre-ride dinner if ordered

Q: What is the expected cost and what support is provided?

Refer GSR Controls Spreadsheet.  Support for the 1200 Km option is designed for the ride to be completed in 80 to 90 hrs (maximum sleep and enjoyment), however it is possible to complete the ride in about 65 hrs if the 6 PM evening start is chosen.

The expected cost (subject to change) of the 1200 Km option is about $500 AUD.  This includes:

  • Event polo/t shirt

  • Engraved finisher’s medallion

  • Full support at the overnight sleep controls at Port Fairy, Hamilton and Anglesea

  • Meal support at Lavers Hill (limited sleeping available on return), Port Campbell (limited sleeping available on return), Wangoom, Halls Gap.

  • Out of hours tea/coffee/soup/sandwiches support at Queenscliff, McArthur and Apollo Bay (return)

  • Sag wagon

Excluded (but available at additional cost):

  • Transport Melbourne to/from Anglesea

  • Pre/post ride accommodation

  • Pre ride dinner

  • Post ride breakfast

  • Event jersey

Q: Will there be an Interested Riders List?

Yes, the Interested Riders List involves completing a short 2016 Great Southern Randonnee (GSR) - Interested Riders List Survey to help with planning.  By being on the Interested Riders List you will gain early access to the GSR entry system.

Q: Will there be any Social Media for GSR2016?

A Great Southern Randonnee 2016 Facebook group will be created, and an Audax Australia Twitter account @AudaxOz #GSR2016.

Q: Is there a limit on the number of riders who can enter?

Yes, the event limit (constrained by the sleeping/eating facilities at the overnight controls) is 120.  Also, there can be no more than 30 riders per start time.

Q: Will there be a wait list if the rider limit is reached?

Yes, a wait list will be established if the event limit is reached.

Q: Will there be any pre/post ride activities?

There is an (early) pre-ride dinner on 13/11, and a (late) post ride breakfast on 18/11, offered at additional cost at entry.

Victoria has over 200 permanent routes, some along the Great Ocean Road and in the Grampians, that can be ridden as training rides or brevets before or after the GSR

Q: What will the weather be like?

The weather is generally fine and warm in November, but just be aware of the potential extremes.

November Temperature

Mean Min °C

Mean Max °C

Low Min °C

High Max °C

Anglesea (Aireys Inlet)





Port Fairy












Mean Rainfall mm

Mean Days Rain
≥ 1 mm

Mean Days Rain
≥ 10 mm

Anglesea (Aireys Inlet)




Port Fairy










9 AM Wind Rose

3 PM Wind Rose

Anglesea (Aireys Inlet)

 A/sea November 9 AM

A/sea November 3 PM

Port Fairy

PF November 9 AM

PF November 3 PM


H/ton November 9 AM

H/ton November 3 PM


Q: What will the traffic be like?

The GSR is generally held on quiet country roads with only short sections of highway riding.  However the Great Ocean Road is narrow in some parts as it hugs the cliffs next to the sea, but drivers are usually considerate on these sections.  The Bellarine Peninsula loop passes through some busier built up towns, but generally there is a wider road shoulder in these areas.

Q: What if I have to cancel?

Check the Terms and Conditions when entering for the event.  The schedule for reimbursements will be clearly outlined.

Q: Will I have to wear a helmet?

Yes, in Victoria all cyclists are required by law to wear a helmet

Q: Will there be rider tracking during the event?

In the interests of rider monitoring and safety the use of tracking devices will encouraged.  A small number of Spot trackers will be available from Audax Australia.

Q: Can I volunteer?

Yes, we’d love you to.  Events like this cannot be run without volunteers.  Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to volunteer.  Volunteers receive:

  • A polo/t shirt

  • Accommodation and meals during the event

  • Pre-ride dinner and post ride breakfast

Q: What can my partner do while I’m riding the event?

Q: Any other questions?

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.