Raid Tasmania - Devonport / Hobart (either direction) 400km within 10 days

Raid Tasmania is the only off-road Raid available and takes riders along part of a tremendously spectacular route known as the Tasmanian Trail. The Raid is specifically for mountain bike riders and with a minimum average daily distance of 40km per day can be ridden at a relaxed touring pace with time to enjoy the sights.

Be prepared for extremes in weather on this Raid.

Camping is the ideal way to enjoy this Raid as indoor accommodation is not always available. The route passes through a wide range of environments, including some of the most beautiful and fascinating areas of Tasmania. Through forests and farmlands, across highland plateaus and past the buildings and bridges of some of Australia's oldest towns, the Raid Tasmania will take you on a journey rich in cultural and natural heritage.

Tasmanian Trails Association
The Audax Club of Australia acknowledges that the Raid Tasmania would not be possible without the assistance of the Tasmanian Trails Association and the Tasmanian Government.

A gate key, which is used to pass through locked gates protecting stock on private land along the route, is recommended for participants. This saves you carrying your bike over each gate. You can order the key on the entry form. Only one key is required per group. A deposit is required - see the entry form for details.

Also required for this Raid is the Tasmanian Trail Guide Book, available for order on the entry form. It can also be purchased at some book stores in major Australian cities. It carries details routes notes and maps.