Like the Olympics, Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP) is held once every four years and attracts the most aspiring athletes in their field. The next PBP will be held 18-22 August 2019. World-wide, keen randonneurs are already preparing for this prestigious event.

Since its inception in 1891 as a race, PBP has evolved into the largest and most inspiring amateur randonnée in the world. Over four days, thousands of riders from around the world pedal 1200 kilometres through rolling French countryside and festive villages. Spectators line the route, cheering and supporting the riders to push themselves to finish within time.

The Official Paris-Brest-Paris 2019 flyer from the organisers, Audax Club Parisien (ACP), is available here.

Information for Audax Australia members

While PBP is an individual ride and achievement, it’s great to feel part of a team. Audax Australia members will have access to a fabulous and highly desirable team jersey, an organised bag drop, and co-ordinated team accommodation.

Members can subscribe to the 2019 PBP Newsletter by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Getting to the start line - ride BRMs in 2018 for an advantage!

If you haven’t been involved with registering for PBP in the past, this can be confusing.

ACP plans to limit entry numbers and wants to increase the proportion who succeed. It has set up a two-step process to prioritise riders that have successfully completed Audax rides in the previous year. Their “pre-registration” system enables riders with established brevet experience to register for PBP earlier than others.

The longer the brevet you ride in the 2018 riding season, the earlier you can pre-register and hold a place in the queue until the formal registration process begins. For the best chance of securing a place, we suggest you ride the longest possible BRM or RM in the 2018 riding season (1 November 2017 - 31 October 2018).

(BRMs are rides of 200 - 600 km validated by ACP, and RMs are 1200 km or longer rides validated by les Randonneurs Mondiaux.)

You’ll still have to qualify with a full Super Randonneur series of BRM brevets in the 2019 riding season, but completing long brevets in 2018 riding season will let you pre-register earlier to secure a place, as well as being great base level training. Check out our ride offerings here to find brevets that suit you.

2019 – Pre-registration

ACP’s (provisional) pre-registration dates are:

Longest 2018 BRM or RM brevet Pre-registration will open
1200km or 1000km 14 January 2019
600km 28 January 2019
400km 11 February 2019
300km 25 February 2019
200km 11 March 2019

2019 – Qualification

Regardless of what you've ridden in 2018, you still need to qualify for PBP 2019 by riding a full Super Randonneur series of ACP brevets (200, 300, 400 and 600 km BRMs) in the qualifying period. The brevets can be ridden in any order but must be BRM rides. For the purpose of PBP qualification, ACP allows applicants to use longer ACP sanctioned brevets to substitute for shorter ones. Australian BAs or Permanent rides are not acceptable.

Each country sets its qualifying period. The Australian qualifying period is 1 November 2018 to 23 June 2019. There are no identified periods to complete specified lengths of brevet as there are in some countries.

2019 – Registration

All riders must register through PBP’s official website between 1 June and 3 July 2019. Even if you pre-registered, you must still register. Pre-registration only saves you a spot in the queue until 18 June 2019; you MUST start the registration process before 18 June 2019 or lose the benefit of pre-registration. You can start the registration process before completing the qualifying rides but you will need to provide any missing homologation numbers before Registration closes on 3 July.

Riders select their start time at pre-registration. Riders will be sent off in waves of 300 every 15 minutes. Start times are:

  • from 16:00 Sunday 18 August 2019 for an 80 hour time limit
  • from 18:00 Sunday 18 August 2019 for an 90 hour time limit
  • from 05:00 Monday 19 August 2019 for an 84 hour time limit

Past PBP Reports

The club's magazine Checkpoint is a great source of information about all things Audax and especially Paris-Brest-Paris. The editions following each PBP share Australian experiences. Checking out the magazine archive also enables you to enjoy some insights into the development of the club over 30 years or more.

Read the account in December 1987 by Aileen Martin – first Aussie woman to ride PBP – about starting and finishing with a not fully healed broken pelvis; dip into December 1991 or December 1995 or January 2000.

For more contemporary accounts, try Issue 33 Spring 2007, Issue 34 Summer 2007-08, Issue 50 Summer 2011-12, and Issue 65 Spring 2015.

To learn more about the event’s rich history click here.

Australian Finishers

Since 1983 when Frank Brandon, Russell Moore and Stephen Poole became the first Australians to take part in PBP after Sir Hubert Opperman’s winning of the event in 1931, many Australian Audaxers have made the trip to France. For some, it’s a once-off. For others it’s another in a long series. Two Australians – Peter Moore and Jonathan Page – have completed six PBPs.

Click here to see the complete list of Australian finishers.

For something historic, “PBP Was My Greatest Triumph” by Sir Hubert “Oppy” Opperman, is an account of the 1931 race.