Rider Information

Reviewed by Kerri-Ann Smith - National President of Audax Australia

Audax Australia's members can provide a wealth of info as you cycle along the roads together. There are also many authoritative sources of excellent information on long distance riding essentials. For starters, this e�book has easy to read chapters covering all major topics of interest to newcomers and old hands alike.

"Stop Cycling's Show stoppers: Sharing 35 Years of Experience to Keep You Riding" –by John Hughes, Coach and UltraMarathon Cycling authority. As a Race Across America and Paris-Brest-Paris veteran and holder of various course records in major USA long�distance rides, John is well placed to provide information designed to prevent problems arising, and offers practical solutions for when problems do arise.

There are discussions on nutrition, hydration and electrolyte options. John shares practical ideas for preparing mentally before the ride and for coping with the vicissitudes experienced on the road. Chapters cover bike and equipment, comfort on the bike, and dealing with the environment.

Riding long distances can interfere with normal body operation. There are helpful explanations and suggestions on digestion, heartburn, nausea, cramps and sleep deprivation. There are chapters providing simple training tips to prepare physically and detailing key technical skills to keep you riding well and safely. Then there's the discussion of injuries – avoiding them, assessing when they can be remedied on the road or need further attention – knees, saddle sores, hotfoot, and numbness.

Something for everyone. Stop Cycling's Show stoppers" is 65 pages long, published by RBR Publishing Company and can be ordered from the Roadbikerider website for $14.95 - http://www.coach-hughes.com